Charlotte On ESPN SportsCenter Recap – Ronda Rousey, Ric Flair, Divas, & More



Charlotte appeared on the weekly ESPNews Sports Center segment hosted by Jonathan Coachman. The following are the highlights of the interview.

Charlotte said her father Ric Flair was just her dad. She said the only thing that was different was show and tell. She said her classmates would talk about their fathers being doctors and lawyers, while her dad was the champion of the world. Charlotte said her father was on the road a lot, but he was at every sporting event.

Charlotte said she had no thoughts of wrestling coming out of high school. She said she was an a cheerleader in ninth and tenth grade, then transitioned to volleyball. She said her goal was to get a full ride to college. She said she wanted to play division one volleyball and get the full college experience, and that’s what she did.

Coachman asked what ultimately made her try wrestling. Charlotte said she did personal training after college and her clients told her that she made a positive impact on their lives. She said that when the opportunity came up, she questioned whether she could impact more people. She said she was scared because she never pictured herself as a Diva, but she made the jump to NXT.

Coachman asked what it was like to become Divas Champion. She said it still feels surreal. She spoke about the women’s movement and it means a lot to her to know that she is the face of the Divas division in WWE.

Charlotte was asked whether she would welcome Ronda Rousey to WWE despite her loss. Charlotte said of course. She said she could not be more proud of Rousey, and she wants to see her overcome the loss and empower women as she has been doing.

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