Chelsea Green Turns Red Last Saturday


Tough Enough competitorand indy wrestler Chelsea Green was busted open in a match last Saturday in Vancouver, BC. The blood started flowing pretty thick when she dove onto her opponent, Shimmer Mainstay Nicole Mathews, early in their match.

The nasty cut was in her hairline, required no stitches, but was accompanied by a serious lump and a lot – A LOT- of blood. Chelsea at no point seemed ready to stop the match and took the injury in stride, shaking it off and wrestling hard for the win.

Chelsea has had an interesting year, being viewed over a million times in a meme of her being brutally drop-kicked in the face in Japan, then later breaking her collarbone in India. She is definitely proving she is “Tough Enough” for the wrestling business.

The show was the inaugural Wise Pro Wrestling Show out of Vancouver. In addition to Chelsea, it featured Canadian mainstays Kenny Lush (WWA Korean Tag Champion with Leatherface) El Phantasmo, Nelson Creed (NWA 2007-2009) and The Bollywood Boys (GFW Tag Champions).

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