Clash of Champions 2016 Predictions


Smackdown had their brand-specific PPV, Backlash two weeks ago and now, this Sunday, RAW shows us what they’ve accomplished this Summerslam in their exclusive show, Clash of Champions. With that said, with what looks like a promising card, allow me to go through each match and predict what will transpire this Sunday.

The New Day (C) vs. The Club – RAW Tag Team Championship

I hate the “RAW” and “Smackdown” terms in front of each brand’s tag team and women’s titles. A big pet peeve of mine. Nonetheless, the feud has sucked immensely. What’s the purpose of them feuding again? Balls? Eggs? Something like that? You know, The New Day used to be the best part of RAW last year for a good while when they were tweeners. Eventually, as with most other things, the same schtick week after week eventually gets tiresome and mundane. In The New Day’s case, however, they’ve been rather cringe-worthy as of late. That “Old Day” segment? Straight up garbage. Meanwhile, WWE hasn’t given us a reason to take The Club seriously, and they’ve looked lost without AJ Styles. Now, The Club has beaten The New Day, so naturally one would assume that The New Day would win as revenge. However, I’ll go with The Club ending The New Day’s reign. There’s just no reason for them to continue to hold the titles. It’s time to move in a different direction. If there’s any title change this Sunday, it will most likely come here.

Winner: The Club

Cesaro vs. Sheamus (Match 7 of Best of 7 Series)

Cesaro and Sheamus probably know each other’s relatives’ names at this point with how frequently they’ve faced each other since 2014. Apparently, the winner of this series will get a future title match (I’d presume it would be for the United States Championship – which sort of wouldn’t make sense since Cesaro already got a United States Championship match against Rusev). WWE’s predictability has gotten to the point where anyone over the age of 6 could have predicted these two were going to a seventh bout the moment Sheamus went up 3-0. I suppose WWE is trying to recreate the magic akin to the Cleveland Cavaliers coming back from 3-1 to beat the Golden State Warriors accomplished earlier this year, and while I’m sure Cesaro wouldn’t receive the same reaction if he were to win (because people are getting tired of these two together), it would be a good way to garner sympathy for him. Unfortunately, I can’t really see how who ever wins this Sunday benefits either man. Sheamus had been feuding with the likes of The New Day and Apollo Crews prior to Cesaro and Cesaro was, well, doing Cesaro things (being losing feuds and not doing anything of importance). So even if the winner of this match gets a title match, what does it do for either man in the long run. If you ask me, I smell Cesaro heading over to the blue brand. RAW is just too crowded for someone like him to be featured properly. Smackdown would be the better venue, so perhaps Sheamus wins and Cesaro requests to leave after. Or, Cesaro comes back 3 down and win. Because both the US and Universal champions are heels, it may be tricky for Sheamus to win, so I’ll Swiss here.

Winner: Cesaro

TJ Perkins (C) vs. The Brian Kendrick – Cruiserweight Championship

WWE’s calling TJ Perkins the first Cruiserweight Champion, and while that’s clearly not true, I suppose a part of the new era is erasing history from previous eras. Doesn’t matter, either way, TJ Perkins showed out in a big way at the CWC, especially in the final round, putting on a spectacular match en route to upsetting the favorited Kota Ibushi and then defeating Gran Metalik in the finals. Meanwhile, The Brian Kendrick is back in the place many thought he’d never be back in, being the WWE. He showed some great heel tactics in the fatal four way number 1 contender’s match on RAW this past Monday, and I think his style can be just the type to get a guy like TJ over. I really hope this gets the time it needs to tell their story, because The Brian Kendrick is a genius in that regard. I don’t suspect TJ loses after he just won it, so I think you can count on TJ holding on to it for now, but keep an eye on this match. I know I will.

Winner: TJ Perkins

Chris Jericho vs. Sami Zayn

If only Chris was in his prime for this one. Anyways, there’s no reason for Sami to lose here. He’s fallen off since his feud with Kevin Owens ended at Battleground, and he’s really in no man’s land. His feud with Jericho is really a placeholder feud, but basically it’s the battle of KO’s two best friends. Jericho has no reason to go over, well, anyone at this point, but he’s still been working at an elite level for the majority of the year. Sami really needs any win that he can get here, and a singles PPV victory would be a good way to start. So yeah, let’s go Mr. Taxi Driver.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Charlotte (C) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley – RAW Women’s Championship

Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks stole the show at WrestleMania, so of course I have my expectations high with Bayley in the match. Anyways, leading up to this match, Bayley has pinned Charlotte, Charlotte has pinned Bayley, Sasha (I guess technically) pinned Bayley, and by that technicality Bayley pinned Sasha and Sasha has pinned Charlotte and Charlotte has beaten Sasha and Trish beat Lita and…okay I’m getting off. Basically, everyone in this match has beaten everyone in this match. I don’t think Bayley wins because she has pinned the champion in one on one competition and I think it might be too soon to put the title on her seeing as how she recently just got brought up to RAW. I also think it might be too soon to put the title back on Sasha. Well, then again, I thought the same thing before Charlotte beat Sasha at Summerslam. I think it can be said that if this match gets the time, the quality will be off the chain. However, because of what has transpired the pas couple of weeks, logic dictates to me that something between Sasha and Bayley will get in the way and will then in turn cause Charlotte to take advantage and steal a victory, so I’ll go Charlotte here.

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