CM Punk’s return doesn’t matter anymore


Being a bit honest here. I don’t think that having CM Punk matters anymore. To me CM Punk will always be a favorite, but, does it mean that he should return to full duty in the WWE again?

At this point I’d rather have Daniel Bryan than him, because CM Punk achieved everything in the WWE. It’s Daniel Bryan’s time to shine, and if CM Punk comes back, it’s going to take everything away from Daniel Bryan.

And quite honestly, Daniel Bryan proved his loyalty to the company by appearing on Raw after his dad passed away. That spoke volumes about Daniel Bryan. CM Punk proved that he is still the same guy who walks out on companies whenever he feels like, and proved that he isn’t really as serious player as Daniel Bryan is.

To me, CM Punk kind of spit in the face of his fans, who keep chanting his name every given chance. He achieved everything and than walked out on everyone when something he didn’t like happened.

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