CM Punk will not return to wwe! Yet?


Hey guys this is my first post here so go easy.

I’d just like to start by saying that CM Punk is one of my favourite wrestlers of all time. I’d like nothing more but to see him return but it’s not going to happen amy time soon.

It’s common knowledge that punk and a.j Lee are to get married and it’s meant to be as early as next week. Some people are expecting to see the second city saviour return in his home town next week at payback but apparently, a.j. lee isn’t going to be returning till after the next pay per view because of the wedding. This indicates that punk won’t return anytime soon as it’s unlikely he’d return before her because of the wedding. This all but confirms that Punk will not return at payback.

This doesn’t rule out a return in the future however and I do believe that if a.j. stays with the company (and it’s not expected that she will be departing any time soon) then that heightens the possibility of the return of CM Punk.

I hope more than anything that Punk returns and hopefully that will be be before wrestlemania. My ideal scenario would be for him to return and win the royal rumble. Hopefully Daniel Bryan will be back and will be champion again or the wwe will suddenly get ‘hot’ for Ziggler and put the title on him(not going to happen I know but a man can dream). Imagine if Punk faced off against either of these two men in an iron man match for the wwe world heavywight champion. That would be unreal. It could even be refered to as an ‘instant classic’. Anyway I can’t see Punk returning anytime soon so my fantasy will have to wait which in my opinion is a shame as Punk was easlily one of the top performers in the company. Anyway, thanks for reading!

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