The Comic Relief Of Wrestling – WWE Version


Hi everyone! Back to normal this month as I bring you articles on a regular basis. Today I’d like to start a three-part series highlighting talent who give comic relief whether they’re supposed to or not. All of this is subjective of course, it would be unrealistic to expect everyone to find every example funny. I’m not sure why I decided to write this, but I will say I’ll be doing a WWE version, a non-WWE version, and a history version which looks at talent who entertained us in the past.

At the end of this we may see how comedy has changed, and whether more could be done to keep us laughing between the serious feuds and hard-hitting contests. What I find funny, you might find annoying. What you find funny, I might find annoying. Comedy is subjective, so you’d be a clown to criticize my choices as I can just say “well I find them funny .. if you don’t then tough luck!”. Laughing at someone, not with someone .. is classed as comic relief as far as I’m concerned. Whether the talent has “talent” doesn’t matter. I am not ranking the funniest talents .. but if you want to go ahead and do that in the comments section, I’ll be interested to see what you come up with.

Chris Jericho

Do you know what happens? When you read one of these lists? You know what happens? Oh .. you don’t know what happens? Well, what happens is I lift my pen high in the air, click it, and say loudly “You Just Made The List!”. The fact of Jericho is, he is comic relief without trying. He is naturally charismatic, and is revolutionary in the way he thinks up new ways to insult his opponents. One day he might call someone an ass-clown. Another day he might call them a stupid idiot. In the case of Stephanie McMahon, he may refer to her as a filthy, disgusting, dirty, brutal, busted, bottom feeding, trash bag ho!

One cannot simply pick a single Y2J moment. Just to highlight his recent work, here are two videos showing what he’s done lately. You know what you do when Jericho entertains? You drink it in .. maaaaaan! Because he’s certainly one of the greatest of all time.


No .. his name was not Elias Sampson. Or Elias Samson. Or any version of that name for that matter .. as your memories have been altered. He was known as The Drifter (not sure if he is anymore), and this led to hilarity on NXT and his early days on Raw. One of the funniest things about him in NXT was Corey Graves going above and beyond to insult the guy. According to Graves, Elias has always been a waster .. he’s an idiot, he’s someone you certainly don’t want to listen too as he can’t sing or play guitar. It’s funny because Graves always liked heels, except Elias. There’s never been a reason why he does, but some speculate it’s because he’s a big music lover and Elias’ performances is like someone stabbing you in the ear.

When Elias moved up from NXT to Raw we got a weekly dose of laughter as he .. casually drifted through a promo. As far as I’m concerned, he could have drifted in and out for weeks and provided much comic relief. But it had to end eventually, so instead of drifting .. he now gets super cheap heat by performing songs dedicated to the city he’s performing in. And more often than not it makes me laugh! I’m always looking forward to his next song, and I’ll be disappointed if he gets interrupted yet again. The fact is you could’ve given this gimmick to anyone else and they’d have failed miserably .. but not Elias. He’s owning the gimmick, and I’d like to see it evolve in to something we can’t imagine him being without.

(2.30 if you want to skip ahead on the second video)

Heath Slater

Did you know? Heath Slater has kids! He needs to provide man. How can you fire him when he’s got 7 .. scratch that, maybe 8 kids. We ain’t sure how many kids he has .. but it’s a lot! By that logic alone he needs to keep his job. While everyone’s figuring out how many kids he has, Rhyno sits there eating all the snacks. He also needed a job to get a new pool, which was pretty important. Seriously, very important.

Jack Gallagher

While Jack has provided good comic relief on 205 Live, the show itself has been difficult to digest. Because of this, much of his charm has been wasted and/or missed. He reminds me of Eddie Guerrero when he messed around with his opponents heads, but the problem is he’s looked and sounded too much like a circus act since the end of the cruiserweight tournament.

Much to everyone’s cringe, Brian Kendrick found it necessary to give us a physical representation after telling us he’s a clown for the past few weeks. Ok, so perhaps we ain’t getting consistent comic relief out of Gallagher, but I know he has it in him, and if/when he does get over .. he will be a massive hit with young fans. Kendrick is bringing the angry side out of him, so in the future his comic relief will feel natural instead of routine. His humour needs to be more organic, and his wit should be on a Y2J level if he’s going to become a legend one day.

Matt Hardy

Did someone say .. obsolete mule? Or Delete!? Either way, the broken brilliance of Matt Hardy continues to shine through despite the ongoing situation with TNA/Impact/GFW. He’s trying his best not to be broken, but you can tell by his face how much he wants it. You can tell how much Brother Nero wants it as well. The fact is .. Impact Wrestling let Matt Hardy create this wonderfully intoxicating character which he had much (if not most) control over, and it was probably the craziest & funniest time in the history of the company. It was so over fans chanted “DELETE!” during WWE shows. When something is so ridiculous in an industry filled with rehashed content, fans will naturally latch on to it and appreciate it being so different.

He’s still a barrel of laughs on Twitter, where he does not have to adhere to restrictions on what he can or cannot say. I decided not to include his wife Reby Hardy, as I’d like to include her in the non-WWE version (she isn’t hired by WWE .. at the moment). While we wait anxiously for Matt and GFW to sort out their differences, all we can do is laugh at how far he can play the broken character on TV without crossing the line. When Michael Cole is openly reading Matt’s tweets about The Revival being “Obsolete Mules”, it takes the hilarity to a whole other level. It shows how WWE really doesn’t care if GFW tries to sue them over this. GFW must be looking at Matt like this kid ..

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