The Comic Relief Of Wrestling – WWE Version


Paul Heyman

I freaking love Paul E. I’ve always loved Paul E. The fact is .. Heyman is one of the greatest promo cutters of all time. Even when he’s heel, he somehow manages to make you laugh. He’ll go against what he’s been told by the office (or Vince) by saying something like “I really shouldn’t be saying this ..”, or “I been told not to mention this ..”, so you know he’s going above and beyond to entertain even if he gets in trouble. Like when he said how Brock and Joe were “going to war”, he had to admit it was against the rules to do so. And he’ll get really annoyed about it .. the fact he can’t say this or that. He’s extreme. He hates limits .. and we do too Paul. We hate the fact that Paul has to follow all these rules, because his promos would be far more entertaining if he could say whatever the f**k he wants. Just let Heyman be Heyman .. TO THEEEE .. EXXXXTRREEEEEMMMME!


So he might not be hilarious to older people like you and me, but I can see him being a hoot with the younger fan. Truth is so silly .. he’s like a puppy dog trying to find a way into a shoe. Need proof? Go find Lil’ Jimmy and he’ll tell you. The fact is .. he’s had a job for years as the clown of WWE, and he doesn’t mind it. He’s said in recent interviews how happy he is to have a job, and that he will do anything WWE asks him too as he’s a team player. He’s too old to be winning World titles or anything like that, so with the time he has left .. he’s happy enough to be the comic relief, and he will do so to the best of his ability. He just has to remember which city he’s in .. so he doesn’t draw unintentional heat. Oops.

The Fashion Police

It’s Bill & Ted all over again. You never saw Bill & Ted? You must not be a 90’s kid. The Fashion Police is like .. a hybrid of Bill & Ted, Police Squad, and the X-Files. It’s pretty funny how they incorporate so many 90’s things into this gimmick, and there’s many subtle references to wrestlers (and incidents) of the past like The Big Boss Man. But it’s still in the early stages so we can’t judge it too soon. I feel like it needs a little more time, a bit of polish, and they also need a couple of antagonists attempting to destroy everything they’re doing. Needless to say, this is the best thing in Fandango and Tyler Breeze’s careers since Prince Pretty was in NXT, and Fandangoing was cool.

The New Day

So Xavier Woods was the butt of the joke in the recent rap battle with The Usos, but it’s safe to say The New Day provide much comic relief for most WWE fans. The fact is .. if they weren’t entertaining WWE would’ve split ’em up by now. I love Xavier’s subtle gaming references, Kofi’s burns, and the way Big E shakes his hips with a very .. creepy face. Big E is the comic relief for adults as he’s always doing and saying things which borderlines the PG rating. The New Day keep giving, and I’m not sure what else I can say about these guys other than it seems they enjoy what they’re doing, and when you enjoy what you’re doing it’s infinitely easier. Have we seen the best of The New Day? Only time will tell.


It’s difficult to give comic relief in WWE as you have to cater to many different audiences. Some manage to hit all bases, while others can only reach the young demographic. It doesn’t help when Vince has a strange sense of humour, one you can’t really understand unless you’ve followed the product for a couple of decades. Even then, it can still be difficult to appreciate what he finds hilarious. Some might go on to say all of WWE is a joke, which I have to say .. is a totally unoriginal and boring insult. Tsk tsk. C’mon guys! You can do better than that .. stop being so predictable!

Does WWE need more comedy? Should it get rid of comedy altogether? Are other promotions doing it better? Has WWE done it better in the past? I ask these questions because I’d like to read good feedback on the subject. Please .. don’t try to be funny, unless you’re a comedian. I’m the kind of guy who could go for some Richard Pryor despite being Caucasian .. so unless you’re Richard Pryor or Billy Connolly don’t even bother. I’ve released farts that were funnier than you. See how difficult it is to be funny? We don’t give a crap before you’ve even tried, and same goes in the wrestling business. So I guess .. I’ll see you again? The non-WWE version will be posted in the next few days. Thanks for reading!

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