The Wrestling Album
WWF The Wrestling Album

🎵The Top WWE Theme Songs From Every Music Album (’85-’93)

WWE’s first music album: The Wrestling Album
WWF The Wrestling Album
WWF The Wrestling Album

WWE’s first recording album was titled The Wrestling Album and was released on November 9th of 1985. The collaboration was in part pop-rock and muscles, with Rick Derringer and David Wolff as executive producers. David Wolff was the then manager and boyfriend of Cyndi Lauper, who was part of WrestleMania I and the rock-n-wrestling connection with WWE.

The 10 track album included commentary from Vincent K McMahon, Gene Okerlund, and Jesse “The Body” Ventura. After each song had played, all three men would bicker over the artist or the wrestler for each theme. Overall, the album is a great listen, and fans of the golden years will enjoy the gimmicked studio session with McMahon, Okerlund, and Ventura.

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Most interesting is that “Real American” is not Hulk Hogan‘s theme on this particular album. In the early days, that theme was originally given to the tag-team duo of Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo. But, two things happened. Shortly after the album’s release, both Windham and Rotundo left for NWA. Also, by the end of the year, the popularity and shift of Hulk Hogan to a megastar proved he was the better man for the spirit of America.

Rating: 8/10
Top Pick: Hulk Hogan’s Original Theme by WWF All-Stars


This was the 80s at its best. The song had “beat ’em up” 80s all over it. This wasn’t a gimmick song like other themes. It was just a great pump up instrumental song with a few vocal grunts.

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