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🎵The Top WWE Theme Songs From Every Music Album (’85-’93)

So good, they did it again: Piledriver – The Wrestling Album II
WWF Piledriver: The Wrestling Album II Music Video VHS
WWF Piledriver: The Wrestling Album II Music Video VHS

By early 1987, WWE set out production of their acclaimed hit, The Wrestling Album, with a sequel that included more superstar vocal themes. Most of the music was either used already by wrestlers or recorded specifically for the album.

Demolition, Strike Force, and Honky Tonk Man were recorded for the album then used for most of their career with WWE. Speaking of the record, while it was produced on Vinyl LP, it also had a cassette and a VHS videotape version distributed by Coliseum Video in the same year.

The highlight of the second musical anthology was Vince McMahon and his wrestling masterpiece, “Stand Back“. IF you haven’t seen or heard it … Please, do yourself a favor, and watch it. It’s God-awful, but yet beautifully amazing, as weird as that is. Check it out below, if, well, you’re into that of course.

The final track of the album titled “If You Only Knew“, was performed by various wrestlers. Overall, I didn’t care for this second record, however, there’s the at least one good Jimmy Hart song in the bunch, so that’s a silver lining. But, there’s only one great hit to come out of it… Any guesses?

Rating: 6/10
Top Pick: Stand Back by Vince McMahon


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