Complete ​Recap – Sheamus Appears On ESPN’s SportsCenter Last Night


Sheamus joined ESPN Off The Top Rope tonight with Jonathan Coachman; below is a recap of the segment.

Sheamus talks about the rumor of terrorist attacks at the Phillips Arena this past Sunday. Sheamus talks about how WWE beefed up security and how safe it is at a WWE event, and says the fans really had fun overall.

Sheamus talks about his heritage and being the only Irish WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and he says he has always been proud of his Irish heritage. He said he is pound for pound the best Irish champion, and he’s in good company with Finn Balor and Connor MacGregor. They note that Sheamus has been in some tough matches, but he’s never been in a TLC match, and Sheamus says he can’t prepare for chaos and anarchy. He says Roman Reigns will definitely have a lot of bruises, but he will take his title home with him and sit it next to his Christmas dinner.

Coach talks about Notre Dame Fighting Irish coach Brian Kelly congratulating him, and Sheamus says their relationship is great. Sheamus talks about being at games and speaking at a rally, and he feels like this really is Notre Dame’s year. He says they are going to thank him for winning the national championship by replacing the leprechaun logo with his, then Coach thanks him for his time.

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