Cora Jade’s Turn on Roxanne Perez Proves WWE REALLY Hates Women’s Tag Teams


Why? My guess is that there are a few philosophies in mind.

1) WWE thought it would be an interesting swerve no one would see coming, and valued the shock and surprise over the logic. There probably isn’t any plan of what to do with the tag team titles, but “it’ll get people talking” was all they cared about.


2) WWE has a history of caring more about splitting a tag team than being interested in giving them a run. It’s almost as if two people are put together specifically so they can break apart, and WWE is just playing the waiting game. That’s why you don’t see many tag teams (male or female) get team names. 9/10 times, you’ll see “Bayley and Sasha Banks” instead of “The Golden Role Models”. There are only a few exceptions anymore. Consult this list to see what I mean. They’re even teasing this about The Street Profits despite not actually showing any signs that they’re arguing. It’s been very poorly done.

3) WWE has no patience anymore. They’ll gladly try to say they love long-term storytelling and berate fans for “not letting a story play out” and “wanting everything right now” when in actuality, that’s just an excuse. WWE says this as a defense mechanism to rationalize how often they drag out storylines, stretch things beyond what fans want to see, and try to milk a feud for months at a time. They’ll claim something bigger is on the horizon to string fans along, hoping the next show is when it’ll get interesting. When it doesn’t, and it all just fades out, the excuse is “plans changed” and you’re supposed to just forgive and forget, blindly follow the next thing and shut up and be a good fan.

But WWE doesn’t actually want to put in the work—particularly for NXT. We see gimmicks tossed aside in mere weeks. Entire careers go down after 2 or 3 performances because that person just didn’t improve fast enough.

Remember how Duke Hudson was a poker player? That experiment lasted about a month.

I think WWE was too impatient with the Jade/Perez split. Instead of giving them ANY run at all with the titles as a team, building up a rapport and making fans care about them so that when the turn happened (which doesn’t need to happen with all teams, either, by the way), it would be an earned reaction, they quite literally gave them the belts and went straight to the endgame as step 2.

That never, ever works. You didn’t see Luke Skywalker get handed a lightsaber by Obi-Wan Kenobi, go “Hm…what’s this?” and then immediately destroy Emperor Palpatine in the next scene, did you?

But WWE must have thought they didn’t want to wait. And now, look at what they have to show for it: the women’s tag team titles are going to have to be split back up again (and probably just go right back to Toxic Attraction, resetting everything to the status quo), Jade will go from someone just getting her footing as a face to now having to learn how to be a heel (which will set her back on her career progression), and she’s being made fun of for how the skateboard incident went down, so WWE can’t even use the proper footage.

Let’s face it. With one set of titles vacated for two months because WWE didn’t care, and the other titles having champions who aren’t friends anymore after 7 days, why do these belts even exist?

It is long past time WWE just merges them into one division like the men’s titles being unified, or just flat out admits there isn’t any interest in booking this, so they deactivate them entirely.

You’re not fooling anyone. You clearly don’t care.

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