Corporate Thuganomics…Word Life!


The world of professionally wrestling is always enamored with the thought of surprise or unexpected twists. The days of the higher power reveal (Vince McMahon) and the NWO 3rd member ( Hulk Hogan) seem like things of the past, leaving the audience clamoring for more suspense. In my opinion, we all knew that Triple H was going to turn on Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam, which left it a little less exciting. I for one was actually waiting for it to happen and thought it took too much time to develop. Triple H and Stephanie are now playing the part of the Corporation #2 and it just seems like it is stalled in neutral with no gears left to excel to.

This brings me to my idea of bringing back the doctor of thuganomics, with an infamous John Cena heel turn, something the WWE universe has been calling for on a weekly basis. John Cena has been the leader of the WWE for some time now and has held every prestigious title there is to hold. He has been in the ring with many greats and has even put some of the young guys over, the ones who needed the push. There are a lot of similarities between John Cena and The Rock, which is why I feel he is actually the one that is needed to bring back relevancy to this new corporate storyline. When the Rock was labeled as the Corporate Champion, he was being booed and cheered by the WWE universe with the same style as the Lets go Cena/Cena sucks chants that can be heard from week to week. John Cena has the perfect opportunity to turn on the fans by saying he is never good enough for them and will never make them happy. I know the WWE wants to make sure he protect his PG image for the children, but there are many degrees of negativity for which can be chosen to not gear it towards them.

When Randy Orton was picked to be the new face of the WWE, I thought at that time and still do think they picked the wrong guy. In theory, they can still turn this around by running a storyline based on Triple H and Stephanie realizing Randy wasn’t strong enough to lead the company to the heights they have set, so they decided to turn to another force. Furthermore, they definitely gave Cena the World Title to bring some sort of relevancy back to it and the Smackdown brand. In turning Cena into the new face of the WWE and labeling him the corporate champion it could serve both purposes and give the universe the storyline they crave. The trio of Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and John Cena would definitely be entertaining and possibly bring more fans back to see the weekly saga. I do not think John is opposed to bringing back the doctor of thuganmoics and actually think he would actually welcome it, if it certainly is or was deemed Best for Business.

The ever evolving storylines of professional wrestling always have to someday come to an end and new sagas must be invented. This is the only way to keep the interest of the fans and the loyal viewers who watch the action live every week. All things must be terminated before they run their course and remain stagnant. This is where I think the Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect gimmick already is, which shows it is time for a change. The WWE has pushed all the chips into John Cena, so if people get sour on him, they in turn get sour on the product, which is not good for business. However, in this year’s Royal Rumble, when the Word Life music hits and John Cena walks out with his chain around his neck, the scene will be electric and we will all see that Triple H is definitely looking to do what is Best for Business.

Do you think this would work or backfire against the PG audience? Could Cena pull it off or is he past his rhyming prime?..Please leave your thoughts as I am curious to see if anyone else shares my views…

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