Could Brock Lesnar’s Exit Lead to Samoa Joe’s Entrance?


We are all aware of the Brock Lesnar contract dispute and the news surrounding his desire to at least be a part time performer for UFC.
Honestly, the news of Lesnar wanting to be able to be a participant for both
promotions doesn’t surprise me, but walking away from a lucrative deal would.  There were multiple reports stating that Brock
Lesnar had suffered the lingering effects of multiple concussions during his
UFC run, which could limit him as a full time participant in the future. If
this is the case, the leverage would seem to be in Vince McMahon’s corner,
leaving Lesnar to decide his own fate.

It is well documented that Lesnar was in attendance for UFC
184 even after Vince told him he doesn’t allow wrestlers under contract to
attend other events. Not only did he attend, but sitting right next to Dana
White could have been a spark that got under the skin of Vince making his eye
twitch faster with each replay of his smiling face.  Did this start the process of reaching out to Samoa
Joe a priority? Could he fill the void if Lesnar left?

Let’s think about what could happen if Lesnar left or did
not honor his Wrestlemania Contract? All we know is that Brock is scheduled to
fight Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 31, which could conceivably be his last
match as a WWE participant. In my own opinion, it is no coincidence that Seth
Rollins still doesn’t have a direction leading up to the grand event. Yes there
is an underlining Randy Orton storyline, but it is very slow to form and could
be for a reason. They actually teased a triple threat match for the title at WrestleMania on
Raw last week. It is believed that all options may be on the table in regards
to this situation, giving creative plenty of options in case of an unfortunate
event.  I think the WWE is keeping him
under wraps, just in case he needs to cash in before Wrestlemania. There is
still 3 weeks for the briefcase scenario to be created, but if it happens it
needs to be soon. Obviously, Brock doesn’t wrestle much on Monday Night Raw,
but his last appearance is scheduled for tonight and is being advertised all

One idea could be a turn from Paul Heyman. What if Heyman
did a double cross and led Brock into the path of Roman Reigns, leaving him for
Seth to capitalize? Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have a history that could be perpetuated
into a quick storyline and at least give us another reason to chant Holy S##T!
Obviously, this is just an idea of what kind of situation could be presented if
Lesnar walks off, but it is far from extreme.

Meanwhile, the talked about Samoa Joe appearance at ROH 13th
Anniversary happened, suggesting that would be his new home.  He made his way to the ring, grabbed a mic
and proclaimed to the audience the “he is what professional wrestling is all
about.” Afterwards, he decided to stare down Jay Briscoe, leading us to believe
he would be challenging for the World Heavyweight Title in the very near

It would almost be too ironic if Samoa Joe made his entrance
to the WWE the night after Wrestlemania just like Brock Lesnar did years ago. He
could conceivably fill the void right away and step right in against the likes
of Rollins or Reigns to keep the storyline fresh.  Joe still has enough in the tank to have a
good enough run to give the WWE a top notch talent to fill their roster.

Last week we were talking about the ROH story and now we are
talking WWE. We are seeing the business side of this situation unfold and can
start envisioning these scenarios as they play out the coming weeks.  There are plenty of scenarios that still can
be played out, but the speculation is definitely there, which only leads us to
believe that something may be brewing inside the WWE. Thoughts?

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