Creative Has Nothing: 10 Ideas for WWE NXT Roster


“Creative has nothing” is a phrase often used in sports entertainment when a wrestler is just lingering around with no direction. The idea is that the writing team simply has no plans for them, can’t think of any decent storylines or character arcs, and just decides to let them sit out for a while or wrestle matches with zero value to them, merely to do “anything at all” until they think of something else.

Often, people will be released because of this when it goes on too long. Other times, you’ll get someone like Lacey Evans, who had a character shift happen more than once in a short time frame, only to be taken off television because they’re going back to the drawing board.

While being a writer is easier said than done, and we’re not even aware of how many suggestions fall by the wayside instead of getting used, it does tend to fall on WWE Creative, for instance, when someone is in the doldrums. Fans will quickly point out that someone is being wasted and blame it on the writers for not coming up with something—anything.

Well, rather than just crap on the writers for this, I figured I would use this phrase to spark what could be a series here on eWrestlingNews of fantasy booking, in a sense. This will be an exercise in random thoughts that I have for pretty much anything going on, wherein if I were on the WWE Creative writing team and they asked “What are your ideas?” I would pitch these things, if people were struggling.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean these would be priority subjects. If I suggest how to use Shanky on Friday Night SmackDown, it doesn’t mean he’d be my top focal point over The Bloodline. That’s absurd. This is just more so an exhibition of how if “Creative has nothing” and nobody is speaking up, well, how about this idea, then?

Without further ado, here are 10 random ideas specifically revolving around the current NXT roster at the moment—as inspired partially by my recent post about NXT Superstars going nowhere fast.

1) More Students and Guest Teachers for Andre Chase University

Andre Chase University just lost Bodhi Hayward as its star pupil. Thankfully, Duke Hudson’s come in just at the same time, which almost makes it seem like he’s booted him out. There’s also Thea Hail, who is super enthusiastic and fun to watch.

But something WWE hasn’t tapped much into yet is this idea that Chase U could operate like any other schools by widening its net.

Among the sea of nameless students or people being called out for getting answers wrong, but not being on screen (a la “That’s not right, Jeremy! What the hell is wrong with you?” type segments), we should see more of a crossover between this and the overall WWE Performance Center.

Why haven’t the Next in Line groups popped up, with people trying to recruit those talents? Schism isn’t the only faction that can hand out flyers. They had something going with this co-ed Hail and Hayward thing, which won’t go anywhere now. Let’s see Hail get some teammates she can bond with beyond just her teacher. Toss someone like Myles Borne in there as an inspirational talent, being the first deaf wrestler in WWE and a cookie-cutter handsome young babyface type.

Better yet, why aren’t we getting more interactions with guest coaches and trainers who can pop up for a quick stint and some solid jokes?

Drew Gulak is exactly the type of person I would pitch for this. Chase could bring him in as a close and personal friend who he trusts to give some lessons to the students, and he can have a segment where he gives a PowerPoint presentation to hearken back to his 205 Live days.

Anyone like that who you bring in can draw the ire of someone on the roster and have a match against them, similar to how WWE has liked putting main roster talent on NXT as of late.

But you can also get other legends in there who are just for the segment and not to wrestle, too. Have Sgt. Slaughter put them through a boot camp. Can you imagine Bob Backlund being so crazy that even Andre Chase has to tell him he’s going over the top? Kurt Angle, Molly Holly, and so many others would make for fun appearances to freshen things up.

Charlie Dempsey’s quick attempt at being a guest coach who went too far into punishing the students was one of the best things they did. Do more of that and turn into the skid. Use this gimmick while you have it. Do pep rally things and other school spirit promotional material!

2) Pair Shelton Benjamin with Damon Kemp

If you don’t watch Main Event, I don’t blame you. Neither do I. Nobody does. But I did catch wind of a recent transpiring where Shelton Benjamin lamented to R-Truth that he used to be The Gold Standard, but lately, he’s just been “Shelton” and nothing more.

I’ve always thought Benjamin had some of the tools to win a world title, or at least the ECW Championship when it was somewhat considered that. He’s never been even A-tier on the mic, but he’s had a lot to offer, and I’d like to see him do more than what he’s been up to the past year or so.

At this point, though, I think Benjamin’s luck on the main roster is about over. I just can’t see WWE putting that much of an investment in him heading into the main event level when guys like Roman Reigns dominate so much of that space.

But in NXT, he could be a big fish in a small pond, and if you’re not willing to give him that championship, I think the best way to utilize him is to be the mentor for Damon Kemp.

There’s a pun in there already with The Gold Standard teaming with the brother of an Olympic gold medalist in Gable Steveson. That’s a bit on the nose, but should only be referenced more casually than beaten you over the head with it.

More so, I think this team has the means to boost Kemp considerably. He’ll learn much from working alongside Benjamin, who can handle half the verbal load and bond with him over their collegiate experience.

I’m down to see Benjamin and Kemp against The Creed Brothers, aren’t you?

3) A Plethora of Wendy Choo Puns and Jokes

While I don’t want WWE to get too much into the Gold Medal Standard type thing above, I do think they’re dropping the ball with Wendy Choo’s gimmick and the sheer amount of jokes they can make with it.

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