​Dan Spivey Discusses His First Impressions Of Vince McMahon, Helping Bray Wyatt With His Character


Dan Spivey recently spoke with The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, here are the highlights…

On His First Impressions of Vince McMahon: I thought that he was and still is a great promoter. I thought he was a fair guy. He asks you to go out there and work hard and give it your very best which is what any employer would ask. I hadn’t been in the business more then two years and I had a ruptured disc in my neck and it wasn’t real clear if I was going to be able to come back from it or not. Vince (and I hadn’t been in the business more then two years) gave me five hundred dollars a week while I was recovering. I don’t know any other promoter that would have done that. He took care of me, I know that.

On Helping Bray Wyatt With His Character: I’m just assuming that everybody knows but me and Mike (Rotunda) were partners when I first came to the WWE. I teamed up with him as the US-Express. Mike’s two kids Widham and Bo were both down in the training facility for the WWE and Bray (Windham) came to me and asked me about Waylon Mercy. So we talked and I gave him some ideas and the kid ran with it and he’s done a great job with it and I am really happy for him.

On The Waylon Mercy Character: Vince brought it up to me and asked me what I thought about it and I loved it and thought it was a great idea. The promos where they just stuck me out there. The first one where I killed the bug on my arm, I just went out there and winged it. I’m from the South, I knew a lot of Southern people and I just went off of kind of just winging it and I remember watching the movie (Cape Fear) several times with Robert DeNiro and what a great movie that was. Everything was off the top of my head, there was no writing for me like they have nowadays. The red light came on and I just went with it. Vince didn’t really say anything to me after we had the first meeting. I put the costume together, although he did say he wanted me to dye my hair black which was no problem. We had these tattoos which would stay on for like two or three days and if the character would have done something and carried on the way that it should have been I would have got the tattoos for real. They were a real pain in the ass to put on and take off. He didn’t have anything to say, that was all me.

Would he Like to Return and Possibly Work With The Wyatts?: I would love to do it. I think there is a lot to be done with it. I kind of think though that they want Bray to be on his own and they don’t want any association with me, which I think is crazy because what an angle that could’ve been when Bray wrestled Taker. The connection with me and Undertaker as The Sky-Skyscrapers and Bray as Rotundo’s kid doing my old gimmick. If you are asking the question would I be interested in doing it? Yeah I would. I think that would be great.

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