Daniel Bryan: The New Direction Begins


The New Direction Begins…

As reported and commented on many times over the last month leading up to the grand event, there were concerns of disinterest and lack of intrigue if Daniel Bryan were to become the New WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The WWE has led the ultimate charge into The Authority vs. Daniel Bryan storyline since Summer Slam, but now the goal has been accomplished leaving us all to wonder, “What’s next?”


While watching all of the Wrestlemania matches, which in my opinion were below expectations, I was trying to take notice of some hints of change or direction for the foreseeable future.  Usually the WWE gives you a taste of what’s next; you just have to be creative when trying to dissect it. The following were some of things that I noticed and an opinion on what they mean for upcoming storylines: 

There was a point in the triple threat match where the authority seemed to put all of their hopes into Batista, leaving Randy Orton battled and bruised all by himself.This will definitely lead us into some sort of conflict, but the question is of what nature? Will it be a Randy Orton/Triple H or Randy Orton/ Batista feud? IF I had to guess what would be more creative for a little while or what would work, I would say Triple H laces his boots up for another match pinning himself in a “teach the kid a lesson match,” with Randy Orton. This could be booked for Extreme Rules and an added Hell in a Cell stipulation could be added for intrigue.

The pre-show showed the inevitable split between the RealAmericans, as Jack Swagger turned on Cesaro, leading us to the beginning build of the powerhouse Cesaro character.  This became further evident as he was catapulted to the forefront by winning the Andre The Giant memorial and leaving a lasting impression as he body slammed the Big Show in a show of strength, reminiscent of Hulk Hogan in Wrestelmania 3. In the midst of this push, it could definitely pave the way for an exciting set of high powered and technical savvy matches between him and Daniel Bryan.

The Bella Twins were another group headed for dissection, which happened during the Diva’s Invitational. Obviously, I think the diva division and this match were a complete waste of air time, but the one thing it may have done is set up a future feud between John Cena/Daniel Bryan as they each get involved fighting for their woman’s honor.

The Undertaker’s streak ending at 21 by the hands of Brock Lesnar was an unexpected, shocking turn, one that had the entire wrestling world taken by surprise. All I am going to say is I thought Taker looked spent 5 minutes into the match and I would of definitely liked to see a more prominent, full time wrestler win so a story could be built around it, instead of falling apart in the wind. 

Of course there were many more matches and scenarios that took place, but these were just a few that I felt held a special stake in the future of the product. All things considered, I was disappointed in the event overall and thought too many wrestlers were downplayed instead of elevated for future roles and success! 

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