Daniel Bryan To Win The Royal Rumble 2015? No! No! No!


Regular listeners of our Daily Wrestling Podcast, PlayByPlay, will know that I would be extremely disappointed if Daniel Bryan emerged victorious in the Royal Rumble this coming Sunday. I admit that he was unfortunate with his injury run after his iconic victory at Wrestlemania 30 but it may actually have been a blessing in disguise. He managed to get his Wrestlemania moment and is still ‘The Most Over Guy on TV’ leading into this year’s Rumble. But just because he is over does not mean that he should necessarily win the Rumble. In fact that is why he does not need to win the Rumble because the Rumble itself is an opportunity to put someone new over. 

Daniel Bryan has had his Wrestlemania moment and in his time away new contenders have emerged that could really use a big push to try and solidify their main event status in the years ahead. The WWE is short on new main event talent and this year presents the perfect opportunity to give someone new the rub. 

A large reason why Daniel Bryan is still over is because he has not been exposed to stop-start booking all year. However, The Road to Wrestlemania presents an opportunity for the WWE to build up a 3 month storyline for one of their new up and coming talents. As far as I am concerned, he has had his moment and the WWE would be missing out on a massive opportunity to create a new star if they repeated the Daniel Bryan chase and victory again this year. I for one do not wish to see it all over again.  

Bryan vs Brock is not a match I am excited to see. If Bryan wins, I will feel like I did when Rey Mysterio won the World Heavyweight title. It isn’t believable and Brock is so over with the fans that I think losing to Bryan one year after he ended the streak would actually damage Brock’s stock. I wonder how happy ‘Taker would feel knowing the Daniel Bryan is now good enough to beat the man who is the One in 21 and 1. An alternative possibility is Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins at Mania if Bryan was to win at the Rumble and Rollins was to leave the Rumble with the WWE Championship – Again however, I do not see that match as a big enough draw and this would mean that the WWE title match is unlikely to be the Main Event (final match) at Wrestlemania 31 which would be a shame. 

I would go a step further and suggest that Bryan could do with a gimmick make over and maybe even a heel turn. Not a half-hearted Wyatt family make over but a proper extended heel turn. I would like to see increased intensity in his ring work and even on the mic which I know he is capable of. His gimmick is unimaginative and he is largely over because the IWC have exposed the injustice that he has been subjected to backstage during his career. Daniel Bryan is an A+ player and he will main event Wrestlemania’s in years to come but Wrestlemania 31 is the wrong time and place. There are other more deserving candidates who are good in ring workers and better than him on the Mic and have built up momentum throughout 2014. 

Bryan should spend 2015 regaining fitness (his physique is not yet up to scratch, regardless of his size) and delivering some meaningful 5 star matches with improvements on his promos and storylines. He should also aim to steal the show at Wrestlemania 31 without necessarily being in the Main Event. He is capable of this – so why waste the Royal Rumble winner spot on him? 

What do you think? I know Aatif will disagree – tune in to Episode 10 tonight!

Armaan Kirmani


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