Daniel Bryan Wyatt A Plan Of The Undertaker


Over the last few months, there have been numerous reports as to who the Undertaker would work with at Wrestlemania XXX. There have been many names like Brock Lesnar, Triple H, The Rock and most recently Daniel Bryan mentioned across the board. This is an interesting one, as supposedly the Undertaker himself has asked to face Bryan. The Undertaker has always been included in the discussions leading up to the event, which makes this no surprise, but could turn out to be very interesting. There are many angles the WWE could use leading up to this event, especially now that Bryan has recently joined the Wyatt family. Obviously this could be a short term thing, but let’s think for a second as if this was the beginning of a major storyline leading us into Wrestlemania XXX.

Bray Wyatt, leader of the Wyatt family, seems like he has a chance to be a star in this business and is seemingly being talked about as such within the company. His constant promos of sadistic delusion have caught on throughout the company, as well as the WWE universe. In my own opinion, he has every chance to be a character somewhat like Mankind, who didn’t lead his own cavalry, but definitely made an everlasting impression on all who witnessed his career. Is Bray Wyatt ever going to be a risk taker like Mankind? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean he can’t captivate an audience and keep them entertained.

As we try to unravel this mystery of Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatt family, I have been trying to figure out the direction of this storyline. In the many years of the WWE, there has always seemed to be a storyline dealing with Hell, Fire and/or Darkness. Obviously, the reason these angles keep recreating themselves is because the universe buys into it and remains enamored with who the new leader will be. A few months ago, I wrote an editorial on Bray Wyatt’s devil possibly being the Undertaker. The more I look at how this thing is about to unfold, I really think this still could be the case. I am pondering this because this all has the makeup of the Ministry of Darkness creation during the Attitude Era. A group that looked at the Undertaker as the Holy Grail and along the way of making sure his requests were honored, a group who was constantly trying to get new members to bite into the Ministry way.

All of this brings me to the Royal Rumble, where I feel the Undertaker will make his return as an entrant and somewhere during the match, go face to face with the Wyatt’s’ newest member, Daniel Bryan. This is where the buildup of Wrestlemania XXX will begin as the Undertaker will explain why he has been instructing Bray Wyatt all along and why Bryan was the final piece to the puzzle. He was a popular wrestler who could steer the fans into the darkness of the Wyatt Family. Obviously, there is a few more months until the big event, which is why I think Daniel Bryan will then try to break away from the Wyatt’s, which then sets him up for a match against the Undertaker where the streak and freedom will be on the line. This will cause turmoil within the group, causing all of the members to question each other’s loyalty. On another note, if the Undertaker decides to wrestle for a few more months after the big event, they may even be able to headline an Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt match for rights to the family. This could then send Taker away to exile for awhile until he comes back to make another appearance, that is if he’s up to it obviously.

I know the Undertakers streak will not be broken, but it could definitely make for a good lead up into Wrestlemania XXX. I know this only my opinion, but I really think this angle would be quite interesting and along the way gives Bryan another feather in his cap for continuing on with another successful storyline. Hopefully, after a hellacious match with the Undertaker, Bryan can finally regain his championship form, further solidifying his 2013 Wrestler of the Year award!!!!!!!!!!!!

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