DDP And Sting Recall The Very First Episode Of WCW Monday Night Nitro


WCW Legends ‘Diamond’ Dallas Page and Sting discussed WCW’s very first episode of Nitro (September 4, 1995), which saw Lex Luger appear on WCW TV one night after his WWE contract expired as well as the beginning of the Monday Night Wars during their episode of Table for 3 on the WWE Network. Here is what the men had to say about that episode:

Sting: “It wasn’t until that very first show in Minneapolis [Minnesota], we talked about it, we saw, ‘wait a minute, something that has never happened here is happening now’. And you could kind of feel this real strong movement and, man, it just kept on growing. Kevin [Nash] came, Scott [Hall] came, Lex came first, and, man, now all of a sudden, you know, ‘okay, we’re winning every week now’.”

DDP: “I can remember Bischoff going, ‘we’re going to win! We’re going to beat [Vince McMahon]! We’re going to be the number one company!’ and that just shows you about manifesting a dream into reality.”

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