Dean Ambrose’s heel turn should give him the Intercontinental Championship


Former Shield brothers, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, will collide for the Intercontinental Championship at WWE TLC, in a highly-anticipated match.

Following his return to action from a serious injury, Ambrose teamed up with Rollins and Roman Reigns to face the likes of Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre in a series of live shows and pay-per-views.

With Reigns out due to health issues, the WWE took the decision to have Ambrose turn heel and assault his former friend.

As a result, Ambrose has been constantly confronting Rollins, with the latter seeking for revenge. Of course, it was no secret the company would schedule the match at TLC, but it remains to be seen what the plan will be for this match.

I don’t believe this rivalry will end in the upcoming pay-per-view, but with Rollins as the champion, Ambrose will not probably have many more title matches against his former friend.

That said, Ambrose will find himself have no specific role in the company, exactly as he has been since returning to the WWE.

With his Shield brothers as champions, Ambrose was presented as the weak link, but he didn’t have a significant effect on the evolution of the respective storylines.

On the other hand, if he beats Rollins and claims the title, he will certainly acquire a more active role and will become one of the faces of Monday Night RAW.

At the same time, the storyline will further evolve, as Rollins would try to reclaim his title and the rivalry might end at the Royal Rumble or the Elimination Chamber.

It is not unusual for the WWE and the creative team to choose controversial plans for each storyline, yet, in this case, Ambrose becoming the champion is the best move for the WWE, otherwise his heel turn will be pointless, I think.

With TLC fast approaching, the build-up of the match hasn’t been the best possible so far, yet the next two weeks can help the company promote Ambrose as the favourite to win the Intercontinental Championship at TLC.

Such a decision might also help Rollins, not only in terms of losing and reclaiming the title, but in terms of returning to the main picture and challenging for the Universal Championship.

Rollins has proved he can have great matches, while he also was the face of the company back in 2015. And it may now be his moment to move forward and start fighting for RAW’s top title.

With that in mind, it would be interesting to see what angle the WWE will follow concerning the match between the two former Shield Brothers.

But, making Ambrose the champion may be the best move for the company right now.

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