Disappointing Moments Of 2014. (Pt. 1)


It was disappointing because the fans had already seen Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, and Dixie Carter as heel authority figures in the past few years. It was time for a change, it was too much of the same. In the storyline, MVP booked himself into the title match at Slammiversary XII, but MVP suffered a torn meniscus. The injury forced a change, and instead Eric Young defended his title against Austin Aries and Lashley. MVP lost his powers in June, after his blatant abuse of power forced the board of directors to replace him with Kurt Angle. 

TNA had to change direction because of injuries, but decisions made felt rushed. and it was too much like WWE with The Authority. Kurt Angle has done a good job since June. Competition is high, and his appearances are low. Angle has become the polar opposite of former TNA General Managers/Directors, and it has refreshed the product. He does not get involved with feuds, he does not have anyone watching his back, and he only shows up when important business needs to be done. It’s real, it’s damn real.


Thanks for reading everyone. Part 2 coming up soon.

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