Disappointing Moments Of 2014. (Pt. 2)


… Continuing on from the previous article.

January, July — Sting leaves TNA, and the WWE 2k15 vignette.


After many years with TNA Wrestling, Sting decided to leave the company. The exact reasons behind the decision is unknown, but I can guess it is down to his age, and the fact his legacy in WCW is owned by WWE. He was the first TNA Hall of Famer, and he inducted the second TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. I can’t imagine there being any bad blood between Sting and TNA, because they worked together for many years side-by-side. Sting talked about retiring many times during his career with TNA. He would say it to live crowds, but the crowd would disapprove and convince him to stay on. Sting’s passion to entertain the fans kept him going.

I believe Sting finally realized he shouldn’t be taking a spot away from a young talent who needs it more. I was shocked to see Sting appear in WWE, because it had become apparent in interviews that Sting didn’t get along with Vince McMahon. This information was shot down by The Stinger, as he claimed he never had any bad blood with Vince or WWE. And then we got one of the most disappointing vignettes of all time. WWE really enjoy teasing us. You could hear the disappointment from the live crowd the second “WWE2k15” appeared.

February — Aksana delivers a supreme botch.

Ok, maybe this should have been in part one, but I forgot about it! Naomi and Aksana were having a match, when suddenly, Aksana delivered a super botch! Naomi suffered a displaced fracture of the orbital bone. This likely cost Aksana her job. I was happy to see her released, she could have blinded Naomi with this move.

June — Daniel Bryan stripped of the title due to injury. WWE releases talent.

June was one of the most disappointing months of the year for many reasons. Daniel Bryan was in his element as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and the fans were happy to see a champion we could all love and respect. And then Daniel Bryan picked up a neck injury. It’s irony at its finest. He broke through the glass ceiling thanks to the out-pour of negative feelings over his exclusion from the Rumble. WWE found a way to get him into the Wrestlemania main event, Bryan won that match, and a couple of months later he was stripped. That’s life for ya. 

He suffered the injury in May, however WWE delayed vacating the title before they could be sure of the extent of his injuries. The fans miss Daniel Bryan, and I hope he recovers completely before he thinks about getting back in the ring. He is due a lengthy title reign, he deserves it for sure..

In the same month, WWE released ten wrestlers from the roster: Curt Hawkins, JTG, Theodore Long, Camacho, Brodus Clay, Evan Bourne, Yoshi Tatsu, Jinder Mahal, Aksana and Drew McIntyre.

There will always be disappointment when wrestlers are fired. In this instance, a number of wrestlers who were barely ever used got the axe. Curt Hawkins was never given a chance to shine at all. JTG kept his job for years despite never appearing on the main roster. When he did, it was to job to someone. Teddy Long always got a nice reaction from the crowd, and I wonder why they didn’t give him his job back as Smackdown GM. Camacho did nothing with Hunico on the main roster, but when I tuned into NXT and saw him again (for the first time in about two years), he was a completely different guy, brimming with confidence. I was impressed by Camacho, so I was surprised to see him gone too. 

Brodus Clay was only ever used right as Del Rio’s bodyguard, then they turned him into a dancing joke. Evan Bourne was plagued by injuries, he had spent so much time on the bench that I wasn’t surprised to see his name. Yoshi Tatsu was another guy who rarely appeared on the main roster. The fact he’s Japanese held him back. I never really cared for Jinder Mahal, so I wasn’t surprised by his name either. I was happy to see Aksana’s name there after the brutal botch she did on Naomi.

And then we have Drew McIntyre. The Chosen One. The man who many fans labelled as supremely underrated. Drew McIntyre was a solid heel at one point in time, and a decent Intercontinental Champion. Then something happened and he was relegated to 3MB. I would love to know what happened to him backstage to make WWE put him in that position. With Drew and Jinder fired, 3MB was immediately split up, and surprisingly, fans didn’t like it. They had grown to like 3MB. Even Mick Foley liked 3MB. You can see how much he missed them … right here, in this picture below!

July to November — TMZ report Spike TV will not be renewing their contract with TNA

I have to say that I am absolutely sick and tired of seeing this news. TNA wrestlers are worried, Dixie keeps saying she will have some news “soon” blah blah blah. The fact is … TMZ reporting this news has done nothing to help anyone. Why is it that as soon as a contract (whether it’s a TV deal, or a wrestlers contract) is close to an end, some news site automatically labels it as “so-and-so is going to leave”, and “this channel is not going to renew its contract”. I have not believed anything in relation to this important “news” story. I think TNA are actually milking this to their own benefit. Get the fans believing the ship is about to sink, and they will show up in droves to defend it. It’s like when a celebrity is dying (or dies suddenly), people who were proper fans decades ago will suddenly show their respects despite completely forgetting about them. 

There is no concrete evidence anywhere to suggest TNA are in trouble. There is no concrete evidence anywhere to state that Spike TV don’t want TNA on their network. There were rumours that all of this happened because TNA had secretly employed Vince Russo. That is completely ridiculous and laughable, Vince Russo is only one man, he’s not THAT important to anybody. The sad thing is, and the most disappointing thing to me about all of this, is that I see comments all the time from fans assuming TNA is going to die. Are you kidding me? You read a news story with no concrete evidence, all conjecture, and you interpret that as TNA is going to die? C’mon, really? Are people that gullible? Why do people take these things so seriously?

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