Divas Division Bad, Worse, and Necessary Changes


The state of Women’s wrestling currently in the WWE, is sub par. will say this. Stand outs in Women’s wrestling include Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Natalya and Tamina. Let us start off discussing Nikki Bella. Many people give her heat. They say she cannot wrestle. I don’t think she’s too bad a wrestler. If nothing else, her large, powerful frame makes her a bit of a tank in the ring. She has also been in the business for seven years. This gives her some seniority and it makes sense why she is currently divas champion.

Charlotte, Tamina, and Natalya all have something in common. They are second generation lady wrestlers. This gives lady wrestling a sense of heritage and tradition sorely missing from current wrestling. Instead, we are left with a bad reality show being shoved down the fans’ collective throat. Natalya is the most dedicated and most gifted as far as being a legit wrestler. She should be featured prominently as a competitor every week. This would cause the other girls to either step up their competition or quit.

Tamina, if not as technically sound as Charlotte and Natalya, is indeed likely stronger than the other two. She should be the force in the ring, and not forced to be a bodyguard to an inferior wrestler like Naomi. Naomi is absolutely dreadful. Professional wrestlers should be one of three things. Strong, charismatic, or possess off the charts wrestling/ working ability. Naomi, being none of the above, should stick to valet duties, or quit WWE.

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