Dixie, instead of wrestling why not use crack.


   If I were a TNA performer, I would sue Dixie for slander,
loss of earnings and career homicide. Walmart has a better history of paying their
employees than Dixie. In fact anyone associated with TNA’s front office should
sue Dixie. Crackheads earn more money than Dixie has with TNA, the only difference
is that most Crackheads didn’t have the benefit of their daddy give them 150 million
dollars. If I were a stockholder of Panda Energies I would being calling for
the dismissal of any one involved with the pissing away of that 150 million dollars
for their daughter’s moronic ego trip.

   This is not a reflection of the talent roster, it’s not their
fault that that the WWE was more interested in bodybuilders than wrestlers, but
they are the ones paying the price. Pro Wrestling is a true American art form
and the TNA roster could’ve been one of the time great organizations, but the dumbest
bitch in all of America’s business fuck them over.

150 million…… 150 million……

   For fuck sakes what would Paul E have done with that money?
He didn’t have that money, and he never had a talent roster as strong from top
to bottom as TNA does, but he took New Jack, a man with no talent what so ever
and made him a star. What did Dixie do, she took Jeff Hardy and made people
forget he is even alive.       

Bad management……….

Bad marketing…………

Bad ideas……..

That is Dixie’s legacy…….

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