Do People Realize How Good He Is?


Virtually everyone shares the opinion that Paul Heyman is one of the best on-camera performers in pro wrestling today, but after watching last night’s post-WrestleMania edition of WWE RAW, I wonder if people grasp just how good he really is.

Case-in-point, Heyman’s promo regarding “his client” Brock Lesnar defeating The Undertaker on Sunday night in New Orleans, ending his legendary undefeated streak at WrestleMania, was simply put, a work of art.

Basically, all Heyman did was say “nanny-nanny boo-boo we won,” but it took a good ten minutes, and every person in the arena — and those watching on television at home — were hanging on his every word. Like a good manager does, Heyman transferred his ability to cut an excellent promo and garnered all the heat on his wrestler.

The dude is scary-good.

But how many times can you recall a guy being viciously hated at one point during a show, and less than an hour later be beloved by the same fans who wanted to rip his head off? I’m sure there’s examples that are escaping me, but it certainly doesn’t happen often.

After riling everyone up with his “I told you so” promo regarding Lesnar’s destruction of “The Dead Man” at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome (not Silverdome), Heyman is passionately cheered when coming down to the ring to accompany his newest “Paul Heyman guy” — Cesaro.

Several months ago, I wrote a two-part series looking at potential new “Paul Heyman guys” called, “Next “Heyman Guy” – Who Should It Be?” (You can check those out, by the way, here and here. While I never got to Cesaro, I do still have my notes from that time period where I intended to write additional installments in that series, and Cesaro was absolutely one of the guys I felt was a perfect candidate to become a “Paul Heyman guy.”

Cesaro has a great natural charisma, but mostly through his physicality. His actions, more so than his words. He’s over-like-rover with the “WWE Universe” at the moment, and I am thrilled to see that WWE is getting behind him.

The one thing Cesaro lacks is the ability to cut a great promo. He has promo skills, don’t get me wrong, but not Superstar-level verbal ability. Just my opinion. Then again, I felt Daniel Bryan didn’t really have a Superstar-level promo ability, and he has been impressing me more and more each week with his talent on the stick.

Whether or not Cesaro has a great talent for cutting promos, I’m sure we can all agree that he’s not on the level of Paul Heyman when it comes to verbal ability. The fact that WWE is putting Cesaro with Heyman proves that they are serious about giving him a legitimate push as a singles competitor, and with his superb in-ring talent, coupled with the fact that he has the best talker in the business as a mouthpiece, I think the future is bright for the former “Real American.”

Another interesting aspect in this situation is the dynamic that Heyman is now seemingly a babyface and a heel at the same time. It looks like they’re going with a Cesaro (along with Paul Heyman) versus Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter) program, which pretty much guarantees Cesaro and Heyman as the “good guys.” At the same time, Heyman still represents Lesnar, who is no doubt the most despised individual in the business today for breaking The Undertaker’s beloved streak.

The fact that Heyman has a new “client” means that even with Lesnar going away due to his part-time schedule, it doesn’t mean Heyman disappears from our television sets on a weekly basis as well. Not anymore. Nope, Heyman has a new client — and it’s a good one.

So, I asked the question, “do people realize how good he is?” If they didn’t before, watch where Cesaro ends up in a couple of months. Another Curtis Axel he is not, let me assure you.

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