Does Samoa Joe deserve a future title opportunity?


With Roman Reigns failing to capture the Universal Title at Wrestlemania 34 and Samoa Joe repeatedly confronting the Big Dog since then, maybe the WWE should consider giving the Submission Specialist a shot at the title in the short-term future.

Back in January, Samoa Joe suffered a foot injury and was sidelined for three months, missing Wrestlemania 34 for the second straight year.

However, he made his return on the April 9th edition of Monday Night Raw and confronted Roman Reigns, who had been defeated by the current champion, Brock Lesnar, at the Grandest Stage of Them All.

Consequently, the two superstars are scheduled to fight during the company’s next pay-per-view, Backlash, on May 6th.

Concurrently, Reigns will battle Lesnar inside a Steel Cage for the Universal Championship at the Greatest Royal Rumble, which will take place on April 27th.

That said, it is possible for Reigns to become the champion and defend the title against Samoa Joe at Backlash.

Following his losing effort to beat Lesnar and claim the title at Great Balls of Fire and SummerSlam, respectively, Joe didn’t fight again for the title, despite showing he has the potential and talent to become the face of the company.

Now, and having fully recovered from his injury, he has returned to the main scene and looks ready to conquer Reigns, with the title being on the line in case Reigns beats Lesnar on April 27th.

Samoa Joe seems the perfect opponent for Reigns right now, as the WWE is still trying to promote the Big Dog as the top babyface in the company, despite the fans’ disapproval.

Now that he has moved to SmackDown Live, as part of the ShakeUp, the Destroyer looks ready to conquer the likes of Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and WWE champion AJ Styles, so I guess the WWE will decide to grant him a title opportunity sooner rather than later.

However, this development means Joe will either lose to Reigns at Backlash or their match-up will be a non-title one.

The Submission Machine has a repertoire of maneuvers that enables him to be dominant inside the ring as well as decent microphone skills, so I think it’s time for the company to “push” him and put him in the title picture.

Last but not least, the Intercontinental Championship Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble featuring Finn Balor, Joe, the Miz and current champion, Seth Rollins, can be the perfect opportunity for the WWE to have the Destroyer win the match and become champion.

Such a scenario would solidify him as one of the top members of the SmackDown Live roster and would ensure he would have a shot at the WWE Championship in the future.

Overall, Samoa Joe has the skills and talent to become one of the faces in the WWE, so I am expecting he will be granted many title opportunities in the short-term future.

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