Does The Elimination Chamber Deserve Its Own PPV?


With the Elimination Chamber pay per view just days away, the event is a key pay per view on the WWE schedule as it is on the path and the road to WrestleMania. Not only is it the last pay per view before WrestleMania 30, but also shapes out not only the feuds, but the matches that we will be able to see at WrestleMania 30 in April.

Elimination Chamber pay per view is very simple. It is simply named after the gimmick style match.

Now I love the Elimination Chamber match and I am okay with having an elimination chamber once a year on WWE pay per view. That being said WWE, their pay per views have been taken over by gimmick style pay per views.

Here is a list of gimmick matches that have their own PPV name:

Royal Rumble, Extreme Rules, Money in the Bank, Hell in a Cell, Night of Champions, Survivor Series, TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. This is seven out of twelve PPV that have a gimmick in the main event.

You could name the pay per view something differently just to give it a change. Usually when you order the Elimination Chamber pay per view you usually have two elimination chamber type matches which I do not like. Yes maybe it might be personal reference that I don’t want to and everyone else has an opinion which I would like to hear in the comments area below.

Imagine having a royal Rumble match twice in one show. It decreases the value of the match. For a better reference look at the WWE Hell in a Cell match. Both matches use a steel type match the superstars not necessarily use the cell anymore by using it on their opponents. Would you rather see two decent matches that are the same or would you rather see one great Elimination Chamber type match.

But to have it stand out, it needs to only have one match. Also WWE has the thought for their pay-per-view that the undercard does not matter in recent years. However this one does have a solid undercard and the match is under it (Shield Vs. Wyatt Family are better than the main event this year.

I feel like I do these once a month with a gimmick type pay per view column and quite honestly we do, but WWE gives us that and we pretty much have to deal with it.

The Elimination Chamber pay per view brings something different to the WWE schedule and it is a nice change of scenery for hardcore/ passionate fans.

It should stay around, but keep it down to one Chamber match per show.

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