Does Themed Show Help TNA Product & Ratings?


Starting this year, TNA has changed several things but one key thing is, only four pay-per-views a year now but with a catch. They still have monthly pay-per-views with “one night only” and what seems like more occurring lately is old pay-per-views names taking place of Impact! Once a month, this is a nice change to the casual fan.

Now when TNA does a special Impact! That is themed for example Final Resolution, it’s like a mini pay-per-view as they add special matches or a feud that needs to be ended and it gets the cut off on that certain program. TNA has done an awesome job at looking and seeing that we are not getting good four pay-per-views buys so let’s give it out for free and get a good rating.

It reminds me of what at the time NWA gave out “Starrcade” on TBS in 1983 and then WWE was putting WrestleMania out on pay-per-views in 1984. It’s smart and simple, TNA has to do a better job of getting their brand out so hype an event up as much as possible then put it out on free TV and build your fan base that usually does not want to watch your product.

When you watch and cover let’s just call it a different product for three shows or about six hours a week but then you get to watch a totally different product it’s a refreshing thing. It’s a different product that gives you something else to sink your teeth into and with different wrestlers/ storylines it’s a total 180.

For me watching a special themed Impact! Is a way to get me excited because you have the stories that have been building up and finally you get a payoff? If there is a title match on the show it could change the company and lead way they’re going for.

If it was up to me, I would keep the themed shows around and usually they lend to a big rating for the company which is always a good thing. If TNA can deliver a good product on weekly bases then their fan base will grow. Yes you have several critics but if they can stick with what makes them different then they have a shot at survival.

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