Dolph Ziggler Proud of His Work With Miz, Talks WWE Objectives & Stand Up Comedy


Dolph Ziggler spoke with Sports Illustrated for a new interview, and you can check out highlights from below:

On his feud with The Miz: “I am very proud of it, purely based on having some freedom in the ring and on the microphone,” said Ziggler. “We need to keep adding these pieces of real life into our characters.”
On how much of his No Mercy story line was real: “The emotion of that [No Mercy] match – with my career on the line – was, in all seriousness, very real. When I learned it was a career versus title match, it literally hit me in the chest, and I thought, ‘Woah, this is huge for me.’ The reason we were in that match was because of all the hard work we put in.”

On his WWE objectives: “If you don’t want to be the best or have the company on your back with everyone relying on you, then you shouldn’t be here. But this is my chance along the way to make that IC title mean that much more. This is the chance to make people about more than just the title scenario on a show, which I think is already a great show.

On his stand-up comedy future: “Right after the New Year, there will be a whole new loop of shows,” said Ziggler. “Instead of going home, I’ll end up going to LA or New York to put on a show, and we’ll donate a lot of the money to charity.”

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