Don’t Try These Promotional Tactics At Home! Vol #8


“Piggy James” – (2009)

In order to get heat on LayCool WWE started having them call Mickie James “Piggy James”. There had been reports that Vince McMahon thought Mickie was “too fat” and needed to be sent a message to do something about it. The only thing was .. Mickie wasn’t fat, she wasn’t as slim as she had been in the past but she was far from being fat. The idea was to garner sympathy for Mickie before she got revenge on her bullies.

But the fans loved Mickie so much that instead of hating LayCool, they blamed management and the creative writers for poking fun at her weight when she clearly didn’t have a problem. TNA fans also didn’t appreciate LayCool as they were a cheap imitation of The Beautiful People, and Velvet Sky/Angelina Love made comments on how WWE ripped them off. Mickie James was released from her contract in early 2010 due to the company wanting to take the women’s division in a different direction.

Stand Up For WWE campaign Launched In Coincidence With Linda McMahon’s US Senate Run – (2010)

WWE switched its programming to PG for a reason .. so opposition to Linda McMahon couldn’t use WWE’s controversial past against her campaign. They tried to use instances from past shows using sex (simulated rape, public sex and necrophilia) to discredit Linda and claim she condoned it all.

The McMahon Family distanced themselves from Linda so they would not become targets. But it happened anyways … and several YouTube videos were taken down as they did not portray the current state of the company and violated copyright laws.

WWE launched the “Stand Up For WWE Campaign”, with several big names showing their support. On several occasions the Secretary Of State said poll workers could turn voters away if they wore WWE merchandise. Susan Bysiewicz did this as she saw the fans as ‘political items’ for the benefit of Linda’s campaign. WWE filed a lawsuit to prevent it from happening, and shortly after the Stand Up For WWE Campaign was handing out free merchandise and encouraging fans to vote while wearing them.

There was also a “Fan Appreciation Day”, with Vince hosting a wrestling show for the love of the fans after further attacks to the company’s reputation. Vince got on the mic and said he wasn’t there to talk politics, but he still went on to say “I do encourage you to vote this Tuesday, and while you’re voting, feel free to wear a WWE T-shirt. I came out here to simply say thank you. That’s what this day is all about. It’s about fan appreciation. No one appreciates the fans more than World Wrestling Entertainment.”

The Democratic Party filed a complaint against Linda’s campaign for the Fan Appreciation Day, claiming it was an illegal campaign contribution. They also claimed a Smackdown taping was held specifically on Election Day in a majority Democratic community to suppress voter turnout.

Names & TV Shows/Charities Outside Of Wrestling Who Made Comments And/Or Were Featured In Other Ways For Stand Up For WWE Included:

Nancy O’Dell, John Legend, Shaquille O’Neal, Kid Rock, Snoop Dogg, Jeremy Piven, Carl Edwards, Nicole Scherzinger, Ben Stiller, Floyd Mayweather, Adam Sandler, Mike Tyson, The Osbournes, Bob Barker, William Shatner, Jon Heder, Mickey Rourke, Donald Trump, Several Talk Shows, Project Runaway, Deal Or No Deal, Psych, The New York Times, American Idol, Ironchef America, Kids Choice 2009, Sportscenter, ET HD, The View, Saturday Night Live, Make-A-Wish, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, U.S. Army, George W. Bush, Dennis Miller, Ryan Phillippe, Florence Henderson, Jon Lovitz, Cedric The Entertainer, Jewel, Johnny Knoxville, Maria Menounos, and many more.

The time and money spent on Stand Up For WWE confirmed why WWE switched to PG content. The product changed into something childish, stale, and insulting to fans intelligence. WWE claimed the PG rating was to appease to a family audience .. but why would they do this if their own statistics claimed at least 78% of their fans were 18+?

This hypocritical message again confirmed the reason for the PG rating; so Linda’s critics could tune in to see a “family show” where everyone stands up in support. It was like … having drugs in your house knowing the cops were about to bust in and needing to clean out quick. WWE dusted itself off, put its nicest shoes on .. shined them up real, real nice … and had literally every celebrity, wrestler, employee, employees’ child (yes you can find a video of their comments too!), and fan they could find to smile and show their blind love. How touching? Better yet … how convenient?

In the end it didn’t work. Linda and Vince tried so hard, spent so much money, and fell flat to the floor. That money she spent? Acquired through decades of hard work and sacrifice from the WWE wrestlers and staff. All the injuries … all the deaths … all the drug related incidents … all the controversial storylines … she cashed in heavy to get a political run because she cared more about gaining power than helping the WWE wrestlers with their health issues. She could have given the wrestlers paid holidays each year. She could have given wrestlers guaranteed healthcare. She could have made WWE a better place to work … yet she chose not to.

WWE Blatantly Mistreating Jim Ross Despite Their Anti-Bullying Campaign – (2011)

And in 2011 WWE started “Be A Star” campaign, which was a noble cause against bullying … yet Vince didn’t sell it very well. As everyone knows … Jim Ross has Bell’s Palsy, and not only does Vince find that funny, he feels the need to share his impression of good ol’ JR on live television.

Not much more I can say about this … so thanks for taking time out of your day to read my stuff! See you soon. Oh .. and remember to “Be A Star” .. just like Vince. What a role model this guy is … perhaps he should be the next president?

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