Dream Result : Brock Lesnar VS Roman Reigns


The main event of Wrestlemania 31 has been decided. It will be Brock Lesnar VS Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. In this article, I will be writing the result of the match between The Beast Incarnate and The Powerhouse that I want to see. It will be a move by move analysis.

The Result

Reigns and Lesnar lock up with Lesnar coming out on top. Reigns whips Lesnar onto the ropes and hits him with a shoulderblock, but Lesnar stays on his feet and just laughs. Reigns rebounds of the ropes only to be taken down by Lesnar with a shoulderblock of his own. Lesnar then picks up Reigns like a ragdoll and delivers 3 consecutive German Suplexes. Cover and kick out at one and a half. Lesnar gives reigns a deadlift German for a count of two. Lesnar then traps Reigns in a side headlock. Reigns gets the crowd going and elbows Lesnar in the gut to get out of the hold. He then rebounds of the ropes but almost gets decapitated by a vicious clothesline from Lesnar. Cover and kick out at two. Lesnar then mimics Reigns’ howling and goes to the corner. He smirks at the crowd and goes for the Superman Punch but Reigns gets out of the way and uppercuts Lesnar down. Reigns takes control and locks in the chokehold. Lesnar gets out of the hold in a similar way and knees Roman in the gut. Lesnar delivers a Snap Suplex for a one count. Lesnar shows a thumbs down to the crowd and the crowd starts booing badly. He then gestures the thumbs down to Reigns as well. Reigns gets up and turns around only to be hoisted by Lesnar onto his shoulders who gets ready to give the F5 but Reigns gets out by elbowing Lesnar in the jaw and lifts him up to deliver the Fireman’s Carry Flapjack. Cover and a kick out at one. Lesnar sits up and laughs but gets hit by a Basement dropkick from reigns. Another pin and kick out at one. Reigns goes to the corner and a dazed Lesnar goes to the opposite one. Reigns runs in like a freight train and delivers a powerful corner clothesline. He follows it up with 10 more of them. He then goes to the centre of the ring and howls after which he connects with a body avalanche. Lesnar wisely rolls out of the ring and has a quick talk with Paul Heyman. As soon as he turns around he gets hit by a plancha by Reigns. Reigns grabs Lesnar by the head and rolls him back into the ring and covers him but Lesnar still kicks out at one. Reigns lifts up Lesnar and delivers 3 consecutive Pumphandle Suplexes. Cover and kick out at one and a half. Reigns then gives Lesnar 3 consecutive German Suplexes but Lesnar kicks out at one and a half again. Reigns goes to the corner and gets pumped up. He runs in and goes for a leaping clothesline but Lesnar gets out of the ring to take a breath. Reigns goes for another Plancha but Lesnar with a huge right hand  that drops Reigns on the Top rope. Lesnar then delivers a release vertical suplex onto the floor. He then taunts at the crowd to get a chorus of boos. Lesnar lifts up Reigns and almost destroys him with a German Suplex on the floor. He follows it up with another one onto the barricade. He then drags the lifeless body of Reigns to the Spanish announcers’ table and goes for a powerbomb through the table. But Reigns counters with a back body drop onto the announcers’ chairs. Reigns gets in at 8 followed by Lesnar at 9. They then exchange punches with Reigns coming out on top. Lesnar goes for a clothesline but Reigns ducks and hits a Back Suplex Side Slam. He follows this up with a Samoan Drop. Reigns goes to the corner and connects with a leaping clothesline. He then sets up a Superman Punch but Heyman Holds his legs for the distraction and when Reigns turns around, Lesnar lifts him up and lets out a scream and hits the F5. Lesnar covers him but Reigns kicks out at two and three quarters. Lesnar can not believe it and neither can Heyman. Lesnar is furious and sets up for a second F5 but Reigns gets out and connects with a Superman Punch. He then goes to the corner and sets up for the spear but sets his sights on Heyman, He rolls out of the ring and holds Heyman by his collar. He tosses Heyman a long way and connects with a devastating Spear. He then turns around and gets taken out by a Spear from Lesnar through the barricade. As doctors and Lesnar attend to Paul Heyman, the referee reaches a count of 5 at which point Lesnar reenters the ring. As Heyman is carried off on a Stretcher, Reigns enters the ring at 9. Lesnar starts a vicious beatdown on Reigns. He then locks in the Kimura Lock. Reigns writhes in pain before getting out of the hold with a deadlift slam onto the mat. Reigns gets the momentum going and connects with a Superman punch. He is fired up and sets up for the Spear. A dazed Lesnar then Stumbles into a HUGE Spear from Reigns. Cover and Lesnar kicks out at two. He sits up and starts laughing and Reigns can not believe it. He goes to the corner and sets up for another Spear but Lesnar counters and gets him up for the F5. Reigns gets out and kicks him in the gut. He then gets Lesnar up and delivers an F5 of his own but Lesnar still kicks out. Reigns is furious and rolls Lesnar out of the ring. He then connects with a huge Vertical Suplex onto the Spanish table from the English one. Both men are down and get into the ring at a count of 9. Reigns lifts up Brock but he counters with a F5. In the process there is a ref bump. Lesnar covers Reigns but there is no referee. That is when Heyman comes out wearing a neck brace with crutchess in hand. They both start assaulting Reigns but a new referee runs in and ejects Heyman from ringside. A furious Heyman and Lesnar then get the title and start to leave but are stopped by Daniel Bryan. Lesnar laughs at him and says that he will squash him like a bug. Bryan asks Lesnar to turn around and he does so and gets hit by a Spear from Reigns. Reigns and Bryan then corner Heyman and bryan Begins a beatdown culminating into a Running Knee. Meanwhile Reigns rolls Lesnar inside and gets ready for a Spear. Lesnar gets up and turns around and gets hit by a third Spear. Cover and Reigns wins. The whole locker room comes into the ring as a Reigns and Bryan embrace ending the show with a shower of confetti.

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