​Drew Gulak Speaks Out – Has He Signed A WWE Contract?, Talks WWE’s Performance Center, More


Drew Gulak recently spoke with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, here are the highlights..

Has he signed a WWE Developmental Contract: “I am not allowed to speak on that issue. If I was allowed to I would be in great detail. But I can’t really elaborate on any business with WWE or if there has been any business with WWE.”

His take on the Performance Center and how the developmental systems have evolved: “Based on everything I’ve seen it’s really amazing. It’s like they are pulling all their resources and talent and utilizing it to provide an environment for people to train in and become better and it’s already where the top professional wrestlers and people with minds for the wrestling business have gravitated towards at least traditionally. For the most part that’s where they hover around. It’s an amazing amount of resources that they pulled there and it’s nice to see them broadcasting that.”

Growing up a wrestling fan and seeing wrestling live for the first time: “I was a huge fan my whole life, I grew up watching it since I was young. When it really started clicking was when I started attending Combat Zone Wrestling shows live around 2001. I was super young probably about fourteen at the time and my brother was around eleven and we started watching the shows live and actually didn’t even know Independent wrestling existed because this was before YouTube was around and the internet wasn’t really privy to video sharing and wasn’t as common. For an Independent Wrestling fan you were getting your stuff through VHS tapes that were traded and I didn’t have access to any of that. I barely watched ECW because I didn’t know it was on TV half the time or I wasn’t around to check it out or up at that time to watch it. As ECW folded Combat Zone Wrestling was my first live experience where I was within feet of a wrestling ring and having watched it my whole life this was something that seemed larger than life.”

The CZW fans feeling as much a part of the show as the performers: “Combat Zone had this environment where the fans felt like they were a part of the show and it was like their promotion. They felt like they had a hand in creating it. When you get an environment like that it’s just unbelievable and there is so much passion just swirling up in a room and if it’s in the right room which at the time it was in The Champs Soccer Arena, this small little building and there was just so much passion and I didn’t even realize it that much at the time because I was just this kid who was checking out a wrestling show and it was a life changing experience.”

Training with Chris Hero and Mike Quackenbush: “I’d go to Allentown and train with Chikara and at that time they were around three years in and sort of a fledgling promotion and Mike Quackenbush was the head trainer there along with Chris Hero. I’d pull up and have a couple seminars with them and when you see guys like that in the ring they do standout and there is a reason for it. They are innovators and ground breakers and having seen them a few times at Combat Zone Wrestling and then at Chikara shows it was really important for me to go and make the most out of that opportunity to train with them. He (Quackenbush) teaches to his students to go out and to learn from as many people as you can and he is very giving in that nature and is so knowledgeable and he loves wrestling and talking to you about it.”

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