Drew McIntyre and Damien Sandow


That right there is a prime example of how the WWE shits on great talent.

I still remember than Drew McIntyre came in in his ‘Chosen One’ gimmic, and was a kick ass wrestler.


Than his career went nowhere and now he is part of 3MB being a jobber for life. Which went completely downhill when he lost to El Torito. Yeah, he lost to El Torito, you know the mascot of Los Matadores… 

And Damien Sandow. He is the fucking bomb on the mic, and this is just got awful to see him being kicked to the curve, and becoming a complete joke and a tool. He was the first guy to lose his ‘Money in the Bank’ briefcase, and off coruse he lost to John Cena, and he’s career snowballed from there to becoming a complete jobber. It’s like John Cena used a magical ‘burying shovel’ to kill any momentum Sandow had, and to kill Sandow’s career ultimately. 

Rest in Peace, the careers of Damien Sandow and Drew McIntyre. It never stood a chance of becoming what it should’ve become.

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