ECW One Night Stand 2005 Review – To The Extreme!


Hello ECW fans! Today, we are getting loud and proud over a show which aired over fifteen years ago; a little WWE produced PPV titled ECW One Night Stand 2005. Despite not seeing it for a long time, I still remember it pretty well as it’s one of my most watched wrestling shows ever.

Student Of Extreme

Back in 2005, I’d only had the internet for about a year? I didn’t catch much of ECW in the Attitude Era as I was more of a WWF fan living in the UK. Given my limited avenues, what I knew of ECW was mostly through word of mouth and bits I’d watched or read about. YouTube was around but was still in its infancy, so finding clips of ECW didn’t come easy. Not unless you wanted to try your luck with downloading them illegally from Kazaa, Limewire or Bearshare.

For any younger reader, imagine having to wait literally hours to download one music album. You finally get said album and it’s riddled with a virus… as you got it from an unreliable source that you had no way of checking beforehand. That’s how it was back then. You couldn’t just Google something and find it in two seconds, you had to do a ton of searching. WWE educated us somewhat about ECW, but you could tell much of it was revised, edited, and given out sparingly.

For anyone like me who wanted to learn what “Extreme” was really about? I had to dig deep. And I think I did an adequate job of learning what I could, but I still went in to this PPV with a sense of dread. We know what WWE is like, even back then… they had a tendency of screwing things up. Even more so with something they didn’t create. I thought it was an ambitious idea to bring back ECW one last time, but how different would it be? Would Raw & SmackDown wrestlers work matches? And who would book it? Commentate? There were so many questions… but WWE wasn’t answering any of them.

ECW One Night Stand 2005

“ECW was a lifestyle. It was anti-establishment. It was counter culture. And it was UP IN YOUR FACE!”

While WWE had already announced several matches for ONS, they did very little to build them. Instead, they had Eric Bischoff, Kurt Angle and others, look down their noses at ECW while threatening to invade the show. All the emphasis was on the WWE guys, which is why I initially felt like it wouldn’t go well.

They proved me wrong, however, as WWE set the stage for themselves to become the villains. Raw & SmackDown became the heels, while ECW played the underdog babyface rising from the ashes to prove itself one more time.

The one segment which helped to plug One Night Stand to the extreme, was Eric Bischoff’s ECW “funeral”. It soon got shut down after the chairman strolled out and informed him that his company had always invested in ECW from behind the scenes.

Paul Heyman’s out next, and in front of Mr. McMahon (who can be seen chuckling to himself), he completely destroys Bischoff with words alone. Acting as the voice of everyone who ever cared about the land of extreme, he tells Bischoff what they have always wanted to say to him for years. “I guarantee you, that you’re going to start a fire that you cannot put out”

Disclaimer: This review is intended for a maturer audience of the extreme persuasion. Explicit language and adult themes will apply.

There are several ways you can watch ECW One Night Stand 2005, but if you want a quick fix, there is a video on Facebook at the following link. This is not my video however, nor do I have any contact with the owner, so if it disappears you would have to find an alternative way of viewing: Watch ONS 2005

Before we begin, I can say that it was Rob Van Dam who pitched the idea for the show to Vince McMahon. Work began in March and was originally led by Tommy Dreamer, who was soon joined by Paul Heyman to assist with preparations.

ECW One Night Stand 2005 Review – To The Extreme!

The 2,500 fans in attendance (including a young Kevin Owens) begin the night in the Hammerstein Ballroom with an “EC-DUB” chant. Stephen DeAngelis introduces ECW play-by-play commentator Joey Styles to the ring, and boy does he look happy. Well… til he gets in the ring, then he looks like he’s about to cry like a baby. “JOEY” chant. He responds with an “OH MY GOD!”, and welcomes everyone to ECW One Night Stand. Joey introduces a good friend who will join him at the table, the “Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley. And…we cut to the intro package with the musics “This Is Extreme!” and Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”.

Wasting no time, we get straight to the action with Lance Storm being accompanied by the lovely Dawn Marie. They look at old footage of when he was a tag team champion with Justin Credible, called the Impact Players. This was also Lance Storm’s last-ever WWE match. “Lionheart” Chris Jericho is out next, an old friend of Storm’s when they broke in to the business together. Jericho’s first title in America was in fact the ECW TV Championship. I will not detail every match move for move, but I will highlight the biggest moments.

#1: Lance Storm (w/ Dawn Marie) vs. Chris Jericho

This is technically sound from the offset, and the first pop comes after some solid wrestling. “She’s a crack whore” directed at a three-month pregnant Dawn Marie. Joey Styles points out that the only reason they are using mats on the floor is because the ” bunch of sissies” in New York demanded they use them. It’s these kinds of comments which made me think in the back of mind… wow, this is not a typical WWE show.

Regardless, Joey Styles sincerely thanks WWE for making this event happen. A delayed vertical suplex on Jericho is appreciated. Foley asks Joey if he wants to thank anyone else, but he’s thanked out for the time being. Jericho whips Storm to the corner, who jumps on to the turnbuckle instead. He attempts to leap back on to Jericho, but is crucially nailed from behind with a dropkick! A “Holy Shit” for that?? Wow. We get a “Chris Candido” chant, which is very respectful of the fans. Storm teases a spike piledriver, but it’s reversed in to a back body drop. He gets up and hits a super kick! And soon after, a single leg crab! Jericho fights back and goes for a lionsault… Storm gets his knees up, but Jericho grabs them and turns him over for the Walls Of Jericho!

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