ECW One Night Stand 2005 Review – To The Extreme!


Dawn Marie gets on the apron to distract the ref while Jason Knight & Justin Credible interfere. After it looks like Jericho has done enough, Justin Credible grabs a kendo stick and completely obliterates his head with it! Lance Storm wins his last WWE match against his old friend, thanks to some other friends. Joey Styles thinks that was a sucky way to win your last match. At least they made an impact? The fans show their respect to “Lionheart”. Winner: Lance Storm

Lance Storm wins his last WWE match against “Lionheart” Chris Jericho.

RIP ECW Legends

There’s a private booth reserved for the Raw & SmackDown invaders, but they have yet to arrive. Moving on from that, Pitbull #1 Gary Wolfe is on hand to reflect on all the ECW brothers who couldn’t be here tonight. He knows they are watching from the best seats in the house. Below are images of everyone who they paid tribute to on the show. ECW Remembers:

Rocco Rock (right) of The Public Enemy (1953-2002)
Terry Gordy (1961-2000)
Mike Lockwood AKA Crash Holly (1971-2003)
The Original Sheik (1926-2003)
Mike Lozanski (1968-2003)
Pitbull #2 (right) Anthony Durante (1967-2003)
Big Dick Dudley (1968-2002)
Chris Candido (1972-2005)

#2: [International Three Way Dance] Yoshihiro Tajiri (w/ Mikey Whipwreck & Sinister Minister) vs. Little Guido (w/ FBI members Big Guido, Tracy Smothers, J.T Smith & Tony Mamaluke) vs. Super Crazy

Joey Styles points out the difference between an ECW Three Way Dance and a WWE Triple Threat, is that the match becomes a singles after the first wrestler is pinned. Styles says if you think this isn’t going to break down in to gang warfare, then you must be kidding yourself. The action is so frenetic that Foley lets Styles call the action as he’s the only one who can keep up. I can honestly say I had never seen Super Crazy before this match and quickly became a fan. Tony Mamaluke is the first to interfere by tripping up Crazy.  Doesn’t take long for it to go in to the crowd. Super Crazy climbs a balcony and hits a sick moonsault, taking out all the FBI! Dios Mio!


Back in the ring, Super Crazy taunts before being attacked by Tajiri, and is subsequently locked in to the Tarantula. Two minutes later, the FBI return and take over proceedings. Crazy gets his nuts rearranged on a turnbuckle, then Big Guido sets Tajiri up for a Doomsday Device? But Tajiri spits the green mist at Little Guido! Sinister Minister gets in the ring for the weakest looking low blow I have ever seen. Mikey Whipwreck’s in and nails Lil’ Guido with the Whippersnapper (stunner from the top turnbuckle). Tajiri pins Guido, making this a singles match between himself and Crazy.

#2: Tajiri (w/ Mikey Whipwreck & Sinister Minister) vs. Super Crazy

Tajiri points at him as they have a brief standoff. Beautiful springboard moonsault by Super Crazy. He plants Tajiri, then hits a bottom rope spring moonsault. Then a second rope moonsault. Aww! Whipwreck stops him doing the top rope moonsault.

They missed a spot somewhere as the fans chant “You Fucked Up!”. Crazy plants him again and gets the top rope moonsault this time! 1-2-3, and Super Crazy wins this one. The fans loved him here, I think this was by far his biggest victory in WWE. This is a standard mid-card match for ECW, while other shows would be happy having it as a main event. Winner: Super Crazy

ECW Memories

We get a video package showing the formation of ECW, when Shane Douglas rechristened Eastern Championship Wrestling as Extreme. New stars like Taz, Public Enemy, The Sandman, Sabu, and Tommy Dreamer being born. The chair incident during a Terry Funk vs. Cactus Jack match. Public Enemy inviting the fans in to the ring to dance and jump around on it til it breaks. It’s things like this which helps us to transition smoothly between matches, while showing new fans what ECW is all about.

#3: Psicosis vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

This rivalry helped to put these two guys and lucha libre on the radar of companies like WCW. Psicosis unmasked just before Rey Mysterio was scheduled to enter. Didn’t seem to faze the fans though, as they chanted “Lucha Libre!”. Some fans chanted “Put Your Mask On!”, although Joey Styles claims Psicosis did this as a sign of love to the fans. There’s some gorgeous lucha libre sequences here… I miss this in American Wrestling.

Ok, a few minutes in and the “Put Your Mask On!” chant is much louder. Why can’t they appreciate good wrestling? Is it because they don’t like his face, or what? A sleeper hold by Psicosis gets jeered. It seems he’s doing everything not to put on a lightning quick lucha libre-style match, and would rather fish for heat. He puts Mysterio on the guardrail on the outside, climbs the turnbuckle and lands hard on him with a Psycho Guillotine flying leg drop. Back in the ring, he pushes Rey in to the corner, backs up, runs at him, and misses a dropkick… landing hard on the mat.

Mysterio fights back as Styles points out Psicosis might be taking too many chances. Foley says that while they have wrestled each other over a hundred times, it’s been at least five years since they had a contest. Psicosis is sent flying to the outside and rather conveniently lands on two female fans. Mysterio ascends the turnbuckle and flies through the air, landing on Psicosis! Rey pushes his opponent back in the ring and sets him for the 619! Followed by the West Coast Pop! Not a poor match, but I think we were expecting more. Winner: Rey Mysterio


Invaders Cometh

The SmackDown crusaders are here, led by Kurt Angle and JBL. Orlando Jordan, The Bashams, Carlito and Matt Morgan are with them. Fans direct chants of “You Suck Dick!” and “Fuck You SmackDown!” their way. Styles says to cut to something else, so we get more ECW memories. There’s too many to list though.

Back from break… “Well, Well, Well”, it’s the “Quintessential Stud Muffin” Joel Gertner. He tries talking to the SmackDown invaders, but Angle snatches the microphone. JBL pushes him over and kicks him hard in the backside! Is it time to rile things up? I think so. Kurt Angle calls ECW the lowest form of scum walking God’s green Earth. The fans chant “You Suck Dick!” again, and Angle tells them their Mother told him how. Angle says he walked out on an ECW event once because it wasn’t wrestling, it was humiliation. He promises that every ECW wrestler who steps in the ring tonight are getting their asses kicked.

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