ECW One Night Stand 2005 Review – To The Extreme!

ECW One Night Stand 2005
Tensions Flare. Battle lines Drawn. Someone’s about to get hurt.

The Blue Meanie vs. JBL

This has been well-documented in interviews and they have since made up, but a shoot fight happened in the melee between the ECW Originals and the WWE Crusaders. JBL isn’t interested in Meanie at first, but something irks him during Taz’s entrance to the point he locks on a stare as Meanie points fingers. He’s staying behind Al Snow as Grenier gets involved too. JBL appears to lose interest for a moment, to look at Taz before the brawl kicks in to motion.

Immediately, JBL can be seen heading in Meanie’s direction but is held back by Al Snow. Meanie goes his own way and attacks someone else. JBL comes up behind Meanie and punches him stiffly in the back of the head. Meanie says in an interview he’d just had stitches put in two days ago at another show, so JBL busted it back open. He’s going full force on Meanie’s face and no one breaks it up; although Coachman seems to be between them for a moment. Bradshaw tries lifting his shirt over his head, so Meanie counters with a head lock. The camera pans away to watch Taz locking in the Tazmission on Angle and when we come back, Meanie isn’t in the ring anymore and JBL moves on to someone else.

ECW One Night Stand 2005
No blades. Just fists.

After we look at Sandman, Nova, Tajiri etc, we can see Meanie reappear in the top right of our screen in a bloody mess. He’s not interested in fighting at this point as he’s in pain. Meanie clings to the turnbuckle and remains there til he can talk to Al Snow.

JBL’s still in the ring (Sandman is holding him), so it looks like Snow tells the guys to get him out. After Bubba Ray does, you can see Al Snow consoling Meanie in the corner. You can see others talking to him while Austin asks Mick Foley to grab Eric Bischoff and bring his sorry ass to the ring.

If Time Could Stand Still

All things considered, it’s still the perfect ending to a PPV. Eric Bischoff eats a 3D, a flying headbutt from Chris Benoit (I will not repeat what Austin says here), and a 619 from Rey Mysterio. After a post-match interview, Austin delivers a Stone Cold Stunner and The Dudleys take out the trash. Not without controversy,

ECW One Night Stand 2005 proved to be the best of them all. This should have been the swansong for the ECW brand, as it encapsulated the spirit of extreme and nothing has ever come close to the experience. We all know WWE tried bringing back ECW as a third brand, but it failed so miserably it’s best we forget it ever happened. This should have been the last show befitting of the name One Night Stand. It didn’t need 5-star matches. Sure, it was missing key players like Terry Funk, Shane Douglas, Raven and a few others, but we can’t have everything. In the end, Joey Styles wished time could stand still so this moment could last forever.

Honestly, I have not seen a PPV structured this well since. The only way it could have been better is if Benoit & Guerrero delivered. When that’s the only negative we can take away? It’s a big fat thumbs up from me. This is EC-FUCKING-W! And I thank you for reading this extremely lengthy review of one of my all-time favourite shows.

ECW One Night Stand 2005

Did You Know?!

– According to Torch, Dawn Marie called Francine a bitch after the latter refused to acknowledge her greeting in the locker room. Johnny Ace and Vince McMahon were told and they had to conduct a meeting on the topic of professionalism.

Francine had this to say: “Dawn came over to me and said €œHi€. I extended my hand to her and we shook hands. I then said €œHow are you?€ She said, €œI see you are as pleasant as ever€, rolled her eyes and walked away. I just ignored her comments…I didn’€™t disrespect her in any way and I did shake her hand. We are not the best of friends but I shook her hand because it was the right thing to do”

– While Terry Funk did appear at Shane Douglas’ Hardcore Homecoming two days earlier, he decided not to appear at One Night Stand because he felt it would not hold true to what ECW is about. He also didn’t want Vince McMahon making anything from the ECW name. Funk later regretted this and worked a match at 2006’s One Night Stand.

– New Jack was asked to be there, but due to legal issues which led to a warrant for his arrest in New York, he let WWE know he wouldn’t be able to make it. He was willing to work future shows but nothing came of it.

– When Paul Heyman directs the comment “hide your wives” at Edge, he’s referencing him & Lita having an affair in real-life. Edge, having been married for little over a year, engaged in a relationship with Lita; who was still Matt Hardy’s girlfriend since 1999.

At the time of One Night stand, Matt was sidelined with a severe knee injury and not with WWE. They had fired him in April following a severe outburst on social media when he found out Lita & Edge were cheating on him and Edge’s wife. This became public knowledge and the fans were chanting “You Screwed Matt!” weeks before One Night Stand. They never mentioned it on-screen til Paul Heyman cut his promo.

– Tracy Smothers stated in the video below, that he joined in with the shoot on JBL after he saw what went down with Blue Meanie.

– Raven was asked to work One Night Stand. He wanted to go, but TNA turned around at the last minute and said he couldn’t do it. Raven says he doesn’t know what the plans were, but it’s likely he would have screwed Tommy Dreamer in some fashion.

– WWE hooked up JBL with a microphone so they could use his commentary as an extra on the DVD. And of course, the hatred for ECW oozes from his mouth like horses excrete manure. You can listen to some of the classic lines in the video below. Warning: It may contain fat jokes, sexism, racism, and a holier-than-thou attitude from a wrestling god.

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