​Eden Reacts To Stardust’s Return On RAW, Says “Fans Shouldn’t Be Angry!”, & More


Brandi “Eden” Runnels has posted a new blog on husband Cody Rhodes’ return to Raw last night as Stardust. Below are some highlights:

On fans criticizing him coming back as Stardust: “Last night my husband returned to RAW to finish what he started and some “fans” we’re peeved with him ANGRY because they wanted something else. They wanted him to use what happened to his father as a “stepping stone”. Not for Cody, but for themselves. Maybe that’s to feel better about everything or maybe they are just that selfish. But to publicly crap on the most courageous thing someone in this position could do which was pick up and carry on and do it brilliantly, shame on you.”

On going off on a fan who demanded a picture: “Sometimes you have to take a stand and say something, like last night when my husband after being away grieving for a month was yelled to as we are loading our car “come take a picture with us, we pay your bills”. It didn’t get her a picture. It got her choice words from me because no one owns us. I like Garth Brooks, I’ve paid money to see him live, hear his music. But I would never dare say to Mr. Brooks “take a picture with me because I pay your bills”. But hey, I’m not a complete idiot…pride myself in that. But to say something like that to someone who’s been through SO much in the past month…””

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