Eden & Summer Rae Come To The Defense Of Renee Young After A Photo She Posted & Harrasement


Summer Rae and Eden took to Instagram to defend Renee Young after she was harassed by fans online for a picture she posted. Young posted a picture with a male friend on her account and found herself being trolled by fans who weren’t happy that she was posting a pic of a guy that wasn’t her boyfriend, Dean Ambrose. You can see Summer Rae and Eden’s comments below:

Summer Rae: “daniellemoinetTO EVERYONE IN THESE COMMENTS: I feel so so very sorry for most of you. The fact that you actually take your OWN precious time out of your day to make these lame comments is so weird. Like REALLY odd. Kinda creepy even that the infatuation with someone’s personal life of a person you don’t know could be THAT strong. If you are unsure of what to do with your spare time I would suggest hobbies or volunteering for a local homeless shelter or opening your mind & reading a book. I know it may take a long time for some of you guys but hey, we all have to start somewhere. Think how much better the world would be if all of these internet stalkers trolling around actually got up & put the time it takes to put ppl down on the internet…to good use! Now that would be a great world to live in! I won’t hold my breathe for that day but hey, a gal can dream.”

Eden: “what was the saying? What if you fell in love with someone and then found out they trolled celebrities on the Internet? My guess…it’s already happened and that’s why trollin’ is all they got!”

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