Elimination Chamber 2017 Review and Match Ratings


Becky Lynch def. Mickie James

Interesting choice of wardrobe from Becky..

While watching this match, I just kept waiting for the match to pick up. And I waited. And waited, and waited some more, but ultimately I don’t think this match was ever able to get off the ground. It started off simple enough with some basic grappling and some reversals, and then Mickie started to incorporate some psychology by attacking the left arm (though it was hard to tell because she also seemed to target her shoulder tossing her into the ring post). Then, of course, the inevitable moment in the match was going to come when Becky would make her comeback, but I don’t think it really amounted to much in the end. I also have a beef with the finish. Mickie has cost Becky Lynch the Smackdown Women’s Championship, and things have gotten personal between the two, so you’d think that with all of that in context, the finish would be a bit more decisive. Are you trying to tell me two women who hate each other ends with a fluke jackknife cover? Maybe I’m nitpicking, but I would have much preferred to see Becky hit her submission finish. With that in mind, I assume that this isn’t the last time these two will see each other. I had Mickie winning this match because I didn’t think that WWE would have her lose her first PPV match since returning (though in al candor she doesn’t need to be winning anything now), but Becky probably needed the victory more in hindsight after losing her feud to Alexa Bliss. It wasn’t bad or anything, and I understood why they had the match first because it’s kind of hard to jam in three women’s matches all in the middle portion of the show. However, all we got here was pretty much an extended Smackdown match. The effort was there, but the execution **1/2


Apollo Crews and Kalisto def. Dolph Ziggler – Two On One Handicap Match

Yeah, so this sucked.

Ziggler just can’t any momentum. He turns heel by brutally attacking Kalisto while ambushing him and Apollo Crews with a steel chair in another instance. Then, you have Ziggler come out, ambush Kalisto, have Apollo and Dolph do their little thing and then have Kalisto come back and have a tag team finish? What I don’t get on top of all of that is that Ziggler took out Apollo after the match. I don’t see why they couldn’t have Dolph do this without taking a pinfall. I mean, it’s a two on one handicap match, yes, but Kalisto and Apollo aren’t exactly the cream of the crop if you get what I’m saying. Having Ziggler take a pin to a man who he took out 2 minutes later isn’t something that I like, and that’s one of the reasons why I absolutely hate handicap matches unless there are certain conditions where it’s necessary. Here, the finish wasn’t necessary and it was a shame that Ziggler is being degraded to this. It’s just hard to take him seriously. As for what we saw in the ring, well, I didn’t like it. It would have made more sense to have Ziggler and Crews face off in a singles match, because not only do I think they could work well together, Kalisto’s presence here was unwarranted seeing as how Ziggler defeated him in about 3 minutes. The beef is more with Apollo anyways. So yeah, this was meh. Actually, it’s not even meh. Didn’t like it. It was a mess. *


American Alpha (C) def. The Usos, The Vaudevillians, Heath Slater and Rhyno, Breezango and The Ascension – Smackdown Tag Team Championships

This tag team division is really sad.

I think this match would have benefited more by having four of the tag teams in the ring all at the same time as opposed to the turmoil format. I’ve never been a fan of the latter. I think if you put American Alpha, The Ascension, Slater/Rhyno and The Usos in at the same time, that would be better, because Breezango and The Vaudevillians really didn’t add anything to the match and was just there to burn time (while also reminding us that they are in fact tag teams that exist). Putting all six of the tag teams in this division sort of highlights how weak and thin the division really is. American Alpha has now defeated every tag team, including the team they took the titles off of, The Wyatt Family. So, really, who else is left? I think they were building something up with The Ascension with their victory on Smackdown last week, and for a second I thought they were ready to pull the trigger on them winning with The Usos laying them out, but apparently not. I don’t know when The Revival is getting their main roster call-up, but let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later. The match was……well I don’t know. Smackdown-esque? The champions didn’t appear in the match until about the halfway point. Everything prior was just, again, meh. The Usos started to pick things up in the ring and I think were by far American Alpha’s best opponent here, and everyone else really just got a participation trophy. Oh, and this was FAR too long. **


Nikki Bella vs. Natayla – No Contest

I am beyond caring for these two at this point.

I think that this women’s match had the energy that Mickie and Becky needed. Seeing as how this rivalry was a bit more seething, I could see why. I liked the physicality that both women showed, both women had to bust out everything that they had, and I thought they played up the hatred that they had for each other well. It also appeared that the Phoenix crowd started to buy into the finishing sequences towards the end. It must also be said that it’s embarrassing that Nikki has to show her boyfriend how to properly execute his own submission move. Notice how Cena puts his hands around his opponents and how not just Nikki, but everyone else wraps their hands around their opponent’s necks, suffocating them. Cena looks like he’s trying to tie a knot. With the times both women have been in each other’s faces, and the insults that were hurled both ways, I understand why this ended in a no contest, and in my opinion, it was the right finish. As much as I hate indecisive finishes on PPV, neither women could have afforded a loss here, much less a clean loss. As for what we saw, it was par for the course for the evening’s festivities thus far. Nothing special. **1/2

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