End Of The Streak Poorly Handled By WWE?


Im gonna start off by introducing myself, i am a 16  year old from England who this week got to witness his 9th WrestleMania. At the age of about 6 i was flicking through the TV channels and stumbled across a Judgement Day preview show where the main feud was Undertaker vs JBL (+ Orlando Jordan and co) and ever since that day i have been a huge fan of the WWE and the Undertaker in particular.

Each year i speculate with my Mum, Dad or friends as to whether the greatest streak in sports entertainment will ever end and we all seem to come to the same conclusion that it sould either get to a nice round number such as 20 or 25 and 0 or eventually have it broken. But the way that i always thought it would be broken never happened, this was always just 1 idea but i though that if the streak ever ended, something big would happen, i thought the lights would go out and  Taker would disappear into a pile of ashes or something and literally be ‘the deadman’ (for character purposes of course). However to my suprise WWE have barely paid any attention to the streak what so ever.

Yes Paul Heyman cut an excellent promo on RAW but apart from that, it was mentioned in any glory at all. We are talking one of the most iconic and legendry careers of all time captivated by the best streak in sports entertainment and its been completely underused as a storyline. I mean, Undertaker didnt even show up on RAW, i know he was injured but are they seriously just gonna have him lose and never appear again until a HOF induction? or what? its difficult for someone with such a character to retire without breaking character and essentially ruining the gimmick but something big needs to happen, Undertaker needs to show up on RAW ASAP before people start to forget about the streak ending and it becomes old news.

If this is the end (much to my sheer disappointment) im willing to accept it and realise my dream of seeing the streak reach 25-0 before Takers retirement is over. But i think the entire situation has been completely dealt with wrong and WWE need to show this guy some respect and let him have a good send off, rather than him limping out of WrestleMania a loser and having fans not knowing whether hes done, coming on RAW, coming back next year or what?

Anyway, let me know what you all think in the Comments/Replies section

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