My End of The Year Awards For WWE: Superstar of The Year (Men/Women’s)


That’s right folks, I’m still here. My awards series continues, as in this edition, I will be awarding the best performer amongst both the males and females. For those of you who haven’t been updated, here is the list of all of my categories that I have relayed in previous categories.

OMG Moment of the Year – Given to the single most shocking or surprising moment in all of WWE this year. Genuine shock factor is stressed here.

Return of the Year – Given to the best return of a superstar(s) that no one saw coming.

Tag Team of the Year – Given to the most consistent and best-performing tag team of 2017.

Promo/Segment of the Year – Given to the best promo or segment in all of WWE.

Newcomer of the Year – Given to the superstar either new to the main roster or put in a different role who’s performed the best in 2017.

Rivalry of the Year – Given to the best rivalry between two opposing entities in WWE this year. The rivalry has to span at least two matches in order to qualify.

Superstar of the Year (Men’s) – Given to the best overall performing superstar on the men’s roster.

Superstar of the Year (Women’s) – Given to the best overall performing superstar on the women’s roster.

Match of the Year – Given to the best overall match of the year in 2017.



And the nominees are….


1. Sasha Banks


Sasha’s 2016 campaign completely dwarfed her 2017 one, but it was still a decent year for her. She proved that she’s still a serviceable competitor that can still have a very good match every now and again. The only thing that continues to hold her back immensely is the seemingly growing reputation of her being a paper champion, as she can’t seem to ever successfully defend her championship. Aside from her forgettable one week stint holding the title, Sasha really didn’t do much outside of her summer feud with Alexa Bliss, and I feel as though that a heel turn would have behooved her. I kept waiting and waiting for Sasha to turn on Bayley, but it never happened. It doesn’t really hurt Sasha because she’s currently in a holding pattern with the majority of the other women on the roster, as she’ll be competing in the first ever women’s Royal Rumble match.

The contributions of The Boss certainly has helped get the women’s division to where it’s at today and while 2017 was a step back for Sasha, it wasn’t a huge one. With her returning to her roots and what made her popular back in NXT, Sasha can get back in the limelight and reclaim some of that charm that made the WWE Universe so fond of her upon her main roster call up two years ago.

2. Natalya


Love or hate Natalya, she’s still a hard-working performer, and at Summerslam, she ended her long title drought by winning the Smackdown Women’s Championship off of Naomi. For most of the year, she spent her time as a heel, getting underneath the skins of the likes of Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, and Charlotte. She seems to have been in the same holding pattern in years prior, but she seemed to have taken on a more prominent veteran role as a member of the Smackdown women’s roster. I think she can be an asset for the RAW women’s division though, as she doesn’t seem to have much chemistry with anyone on the women’s roster on Smackdown outside of Charlotte. And even her matches with Charlotte this year were either disappointing or bland as all hell.

In spite of that, I found Natayla’s 2017 to be somewhat of a redemption year for her, after years of being treated as some sort of rookie and someone not deserving of the championship. A serviceable year for a woman from a legendary wrestling lineage indeed.

3. Alexa Bliss


For a woman who wasn’t even drafted on television, Alexa Bliss has sure made a name for herself. She was one of WWE’s top newcomers last year, and this year she was coming for everybody. In a year that somewhat mirrored the year Sasha Banks had last year, she won the women’s championship 3 times, once on Smackdown and twice on RAW. She defeated pretty much everyone in her path, with Charlotte the only major name not on her hit list. She exposed Sasha Banks to be a paper champion, she made Bayley look like a complete joke, she did away with the likes of Emma and Mickie James and she was able to escape and survive Nia Jax. That’s called domination.

She enters 2018 as champion, and there are still tests for her to pass, such as Asuka and Paige. As she faces new adversaries, Alexa Bliss really ought to be proud of the 2017 campaign she had. While she isn’t the best of ring performers, her overall character and consistency absolutely shadowed that of everyone else this year. She also became the first woman to win both the RAW and Smackdown Women’s Championship.

4. Charlotte


With Charlotte’s Smackdown Women’s Championship victory, she is the first woman to become the NXT, Divas, Smackdown and RAW Women’s Champion. She’s a mirror image of her father, as winning titles and big matches are the only things she knows how to do. Unfortunately, her undefeated streak on PPV ended in somewhat silly fashion at Fastlane lost at WrestleMania and then was sent to Smackdown. In case anyone didn’t notice, the quality of Charlotte’s matches took a massive dive with the exception of a match with Naomi upon her debut on the blue brand. The women on RAW have more to offer in terms of in-ring ability, while the women of Smackdown are more centered around character development. She couldn’t seem to get into a groove with anyone, from Tamina to Carmella.

Her matches with Natayla wasn’t any better, but she was able to eventually win the women’s championship as many predicted. I don’t know where Charlotte is going to go with the title on the Smackdown brand, because there aren’t a lot of women on the Smackdown’s women roster that can really make her sweat or work hard, save for a returning Becky Lynch, but I wouldn’t put it past Charlotte to work hard and disprove any rumors that she was only a product of being a performer on the RAW brand. We’ll see what she can really do with this roster going into 2018.

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