Evolution of Brock Lesnar: Looking Ahead to Wrestlemania 31


After carefully reading the NUMEROUS articles written on this site about who will win the Royal Rumble, it begs me to respond with an
answer of my own, “Does it even matter?” The reason I say this is because the storyline
has already been scripted and the next 3 months have been laid out all across a
corporate meeting room at WWE headquarters. Will it be the YES man with another
glorious Wrestlemania moment? Maybe it will be Superman and his scripted
promos. Please, not another “The Champ is here” scenario. Either way I twist
it, there seems to be one vision in my mind that comes from nothing less than a
bag of unscripted thoughts and conspiracy theories. This vision is a mercenary
who fights through any challenge bestowed before him and preys on those who
doubt his direction. He is none other then “The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar.”

Brock Lesnar has become the centerpiece of the last 2 weeks
leading up to the PPV, which tells me he is going to be heavily involved in the
weeks going forward. Why have him drop the belt at the Rumble? As much as people
are frustrated with the lack of appearances or matches, Lesnar still has a
tremendous following and can blow the roof off of any arena in the world. Just
think about how much the headline and publicity changes with Brock Lesnar headlining

There have been numerous scenarios floating around the
internet about who will be the champion going into the big dance, but none of
them have the same electricity or intrigue as Lesnar. Sure, Daniel Bryan has
more of a following right now than Kim Kardashian’s latest Twitter pic, but
that scene has already been played out and would only be seen as a duplicated
oversight. Can the WWE do something original? In my opinion, based on the last
2 weeks, I think that’s exactly what they are doing.

I am more focused on the Triple Threat match on Sunday and
have been going through the many scenarios that may come to fruition in the
City of Brotherly Love. Now before I relinquish my scenario, I have to tell you
that the following variables weigh into my decision.  

  • I think Roman Reigns was the company’s golden boy until he
    got injured. While he was out it gave the WWE brass time to evaluate other
    talents such as Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Both of these guys will blossom
    into prominent pieces of the future, but need that extra push to get them
  • The power struggle within the McMahon inner circle is real
    and continues to be up for debate. I think Reigns is Vince’s guy and Rollins is
    Hunter’s guy. My gut feeling is that Hunter is starting to outweigh Vince and
    we are seeing Rollins benefit from it right now.
  • I am ASSUMING The Undertaker returns to wrestle Bray Wyatt
    in a Deadman standoff and also that Triple H will be battling Sting. These are
    two matches that seem like a lock to happen, but we all know things can change
    in a snap.
  • My biggest assumption is that the Rock returns in the
    Rumble and eliminates Roman Reigns, setting up a match for the two at Wrestlemania…The
    Rock always knows how to bring the best out in an opponent on the mic and based
    on Roman’s shortcomings, it could provide a valued experience.
  • This brings me to Daniel Bryan…I wholeheartedly believe
    Daniel still needs another few months or so until he feel s like he’s 100%. I
    think he looks fantastic in the ring, but to endure a full wrestling schedule
    after being out of action for a while might be too much to ask right now. For
    that reason, I’m thinking they do the inevitable Heel turn on Ambrose at the
    Rumble with him eliminating Bryan in the match. This would be the start of an
    electric rivalry between the 2 setting up for a steel cage or I quit match at
  • The last shoe to drop is John Cena. I think Cena has
    established the fact that he needs a break and a battle against Rusev gives
    him that. Rusev looks to be a force within the WWE for time to come, but still
    needs that extra push to be over. Going one on one with Cena for the undefeated
    streak could be exactly what he needs. The few months of hysterical promos
    could be exactly what the former Doctor of Thuganomics is asking for.
  • This brings me to the final conclusion of the Triple
    Threat Championship match. I think the Championship match will be wrestled before
    the Royal Rumble, allowing Rollins to be an entrant into the dance. The triple
    threat match will be electric, but will end with Brock Lesnar standing as Champion
    showing the signs of a brutal and physical match. This allows Seth Rollins to
    cash in the MIB briefcase, but ultimately losing because of another encounter
    with Sting. Triple H will then announce Rollins as a participant in the Royal
    Rumble making him the eventual winner and heading to Wrestlemania 31.

As you can see, I have a lot of ASSUMPTIONS for this Sunday as
we look ahead to the grand stage of Wrestling. All of these variables point
to a battle between Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title at
Wrestlemania 31, herein giving Rollins his own Daniel Bryan moment in front of
an amazing crowd. I really believe that Seth Rollins is the future of the
company and the storyline will be built around him this Sunday.  I have to admit that this prediction is based
on a lot of variables, but that’s what individual opinions are all about. Thoughts?

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