Evolution Putting Over The Shield Shocking – Somewhat?


There is a long standing tradition in pro wrestling of veteran talent putting over the new guys once they have paid their dues and proven their value, so The Shield was defintely due for the rub.  However, I am somewhat shocked that Evolution was chosen to do it.  Here is why.

HHH is a corporate guy.  Frankly, he is more interested in being an executive and building the company than he is building his in ring persona.  I can’t see him ever being a jobber, as that would destroy his character as “The Game.”  Still, for him to put over a young talent from a position of strength is no surprise.  Batista and Orton are another thing entirely.

Orton just came off a decent run as WWE World Heavyweight Champ where he lost his title without actually getting pinned.  He’s no teeny bopper, but he is certainly still young and has a lot of years left in the tank.  Therefore, I could easily see him having an issue with that booking.  

Batista, on the other hand, just made his big return.  He was supposed to be coming in to kick butt and take names.   The Animal is supposed to be on a rampage.   He won the Royal Rumble, but he hasn’t really won much since.   Bryan got the WM moment Batista wanted.  Now he is being used to put over the young guys.   I know he cut a semi-shoot promo saying he didn’t get what he was promised, and I can see why he would be upset.  

I absolutely agree that the Shield was ready to go to the big time and needed the rub to get there.   I think the split is going to be EPIC as it evolves.   I am just a little but surprised that it unfolded as it did with HHH, Orton, and Batista on their backs.   

What do you guys think?  Thoughts and comments are welcome as usual.

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