eWN’s Round Table Preview of TakeOver WarGames and SummerSlam 2018


ABSLER: Considering that this is the smallest match card in the history of NXT with just four matches, I think the developing storyline between Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, and Kassius Ohno deserves some spotlight. If not this, Bianca Belair is UN-DE-FEA-TED, and not on the card so not seeing her is also quite a big omission. At least WWE has Nakamura on the card finally.

BOURANIS: Kurt Angle. Given his return to RAW prior to Survivor Series, he should have been added to the RAW team.

6) “If you could add one more match to either of these cards, what would it be?”

MANGO: TakeOver is good as it is. For Survivor Series, I don’t think there’s any more room to insert another match without cutting down the kickoff’s pointless recap stuff WWE refuses to eliminate, but if I had it my way, the video packages would consist of only 30 minutes of the 2 hours and that would open up enough room for Elias to have a musical segment and then a match against maybe Aiden English just for shits and giggles to have the two lyricists go at it in a Raw vs SmackDown scenario.

STAPLE: I’m not sure if there are any intriguing matchups that I’d like to see that would add to the RAW vs. Smackdown style of things that they are doing. I think the card is fine enough as it is, and I don’t think there’s anything that could be added that would pique my interest.

ABSLER: Again, I would just extend off my last point and say maybe Belair vs Cross in a rematch from a few weeks ago that ended in a no contest would be a cool match to see.

BOURANIS: Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin.

7) “Which match are you most excited to see this weekend?”

MANGO: Ciampa vs. Velveteen Dream really has my curiosity, and even though it isn’t the biggest match of the two events, I’m more looking forward to that than some of the ones which matter more. Second place would have been Rousey vs. Lynch, but I’m not as into the rushed Rousey vs. Flair situation.

STAPLE: The War Games card has me drooling to be honest. I think the War Games match, Gargano/Black and Ciampa/Dream will all knock it out of the park. I’m also hoping Seth Rollins, 2018’s best in ring performer can face a motivated Shinsuke Nakamura. That’s a match I’ve wanted to see for some time now.

ABSLER: I am hyped for Survivor Series weekend but I am most excited to witness yet another promising WarGames match, Ciampa vs Velveteen Dream, and now of course, Bryan vs Lesnar.

BOURANIS: Given what happened between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch on Monday, I would say the match between the RAW Women’s Champion and Charlotte Flair (as Lynch is not medically cleared to compete) will be the most exciting one on Sunday.

8) “Which event do you think will be better overall, TakeOver or Survivor Series?”

MANGO: Survivor Series has already seen so many changes to the card that I went from having that be my answer, to feeling like it’s going to be an overbooked mess with so many flaws to it that it could just be total chaos. It could have been the better show before this week’s SmackDown changed it all. Now, I’m leaning more towards TakeOver as the safer bet, since they tend to always go over well without any problems.

STAPLE: Takeover. Because that’s how it usually goes. Always short in match number, but always delivers in the ring.

ABSLER: NXT Takeover War-games will absolutely outshine Survivor Series as Takeover does almost every time. Personally, I think the four-match card will serve NXT well, and a 4+ hour show on WWE’s end that they don’t know how to pace won’t keep my attention the whole time.

BOURANIS: n/a I haven’t watched the latest episodes of NXT.

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