eWN’s Round Table Preview of WWE Backlash 2020


2) “WWE has teased a split and feud between Bayley and Sasha Banks going back all the way before Royal Rumble 2018. Are you still liking the teasing or should they have already gotten this feud over with by now?”

MANGO: This. Needed. To. End. Years. Ago. Good lord, they should have at least fought for the title at WrestleMania. Now, they’re dragging it out to MAAAAAYBE SummerSlam?? This has been one of the most frustrating bits of “creative” lacking any creative way of stretching a feud out that I can ever remember. It’s as bad as when Brock Lesnar was champion for over a year with the plan to lose it to Roman Reigns, just for them to drag that out another couple months. Shit or get off the pot!!

EWING: Should’ve done it a long time ago. Now I honestly don’t care. More or less it would be a repeat of the same Sasha versus Bayley feud, just with the roles reversed.

ABSLER: I enjoy the slow build and now that they are the women’s tag team champions, they can use the titles as another angle to their friendship.

HIRSCH: I agree to a point about getting it over with. However the five year mark of the Divas Revolution is less than a month away, so I always thought that this was why they were teasing the breakup. If they don’t breakup after the summer I will be over it.

STAPLE: This feud already has a predictable outcome and if we’re being honest, the two have technically been feuding since 2015. I do understand the idea of holding out on this particular feud until SummerSlam if it’s being held in Boston so Sasha gets the rub (even though we don’t know how the COVID situation will be up until that point), but regardless of such, it’s made the feud kind of lukewarm since we’ve seen this time and time again.

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