eWN’s Round Table Preview of WWE Backlash 2020


3) “Whether or not you think he has a chance to win the title, has WWE done a good enough job building up Bobby Lashley as a viable contender to Drew McIntyre?”

MANGO: I don’t think they’ve done a good enough job in making me think he’s actually going to win, but he definitely looks like a stronger contender than he has in years. The best case scenario would be that Lana costs him the victory in some fashion so they completely push her aside and he sticks with MVP. That’s helping him a lot.

EWING: They’ve done okay, but had he been built to be this unstoppable, powerful wrestler with his own unique agility and technical skill set as we saw from Lashley at Impact Wrestling, then this would be a better situation. At the end is the day, he’s just another WWE Superstar being fed to Drew McIntyre to go over. He is no real threat to McIntyre or his WWE Championship.

ABSLER: WWE has done a great job of rebuilding Lashley after his credibility seemed severely damaged following a few bad feuds and his association with Lana. Despite all that, WWE should have given Lashley a little bit more time to develop as a monster heel before challenging for the title. Lashley seems dangerous, but with a little bit of patience, (and MVP’s coaching) he could’ve seemed unstoppable.

HIRSCH: I think Lashley has had better success this round thanks to Lio Rush, MVP and Lana. He really doesn’t look like he’s a threat, so its such a hard sell for me. With that being said, I think that McIntyre and Lashley should be a decent bout.

STAPLE: They’ve done about as good as a job as they can with Bobby, especially with MVP as his manager. I’m actually predicting Bobby will win the WWE Title on Sunday when MVP costs him it. Something may tell me that Lana can insert herself in the picture.

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