eWN’s Round Table Preview of WWE Backlash 2020


4) “After all her mistakes and injuries she’s caused people, should Nia Jax be sent back to developmental, released entirely or is she okay where she is and shouldn’t be punished at all?”

MANGO: Mistakes happen, but after a while, it just becomes habit. A slip-up once in a while is expected. People get hurt in this business. But now, it’s past the point where you can chalk it up to coincidence. Clearly, Jax doesn’t know how to work safely. I don’t think she should be outright released, but I do think they need to get her back in the Performance Center working with trainers as if she’s a rookie so she can relearn things that she didn’t learn the right way to begin with. If she still can’t get the hang of it, maybe then it would be time for her to just go and for WWE to cut their losses. It’s not like losing her is going to hurt the ratings and cripple the company, but if she keeps this up, she might cripple someone in the ring (especially Kairi Sane…poor girl seems like the punching bag or crash test dummy for Jax lately).

EWING: Sent back to NXT or Developmental. That step being her last chance to shape up or ship out.

ABSLER: Nia shouldn’t be sent back to developmental, however, she shouldn’t be pushed like she is. Pro wrestling is extremely dangerous and as an in-ring performer myself, accident happen! Obviously they keep happening with Nia, which is why she should not be rewarded with a title run. In my opinion she should stay put where she is and improve her game a bit before that big push.

HIRSCH: Does anyone remember when Seth Rollins was having a problem with the buckle bomb?? This move alone is just not safe, and its been proven time and time again. I think that its been banned after this, but I think it doesn’t hurt for Nia to make room for improvement. Nia has a history of being a little reckless, so while its merited that she needs to adjust, being fired is over the line

STAPLE: I wouldn’t go as far as firing her, but I definitely think she needs at least a backstage reprimand. It’s one thing to look menacing as a monster heel. It’s another thing to put someone’s health at risk and cause someone to get hurt. I’m deeply afraid that one of these days she’s going to Samoan Drop someone right on their neck. WWE management has to let her know that disciplinary action will follow if she isn’t mindful of how she’s performing, because these are no longer isolated incidents. She’s starting to become the Sin Cara of the women’s division, and that’s not a label you want.

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