eWN’s Round Table Preview of WWE Elimination Chamber 2019


ABSLER: I think the WWE Championship match should be the main event, but that is Interchangeable with the Women’s Tag Title match. That could very well main event and also make logical sense. Either one would work.

HOLDEN: WWE World Championship Elimination Chamber match.

5) “Which match are you most excited to see on this pay-per-view?”

MANGO: The men’s Elimination Chamber match is probably the one I think will be the best, so that has my vote. The women’s match is close to that, but when you compare the two, I think the men’s has the overall better performers involved.

DEFELICE: The men’s Elimination Chamber. definitely one of my favorite gimmick matches featuring six of the guys that I really grew up watching. It’s going to be just a feel good experience to shut off my brain and watch some of my favorites go at it for the richest prize in the game.

STAPLE: Probably the WWE Title Elimination Chamber. Everything else except the female tag chamber match is just thrown together at the last minute. I mean, Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin? Ronda vs. Ruby? There’s no backstory behind any of those matches, and I have no reason to care.

ABSLER: I am most excited for the WWE Championship match. The field of competitors this year is awesome and the Chamber is one of my favorite match stipulations.

HOLDEN: Probably the men’s title chamber match, but I’m very interested to see how the ladies tag chamber bout plays out.

6) “Which superstar do you feel is the biggest omission from this lineup?”

MANGO: Ignoring Mustafa Ali and the Rollins/Lesnar/Asuka situation from above, I’d vote for something that is regularly missing here, which is the United States Championship. How is there no Triple Threat between Rusev, Shinsuke Nakamura and R-Truth? Then again, why isn’t there a Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade blowoff match? I’d go with those two, actually. Shout out to Harper and Tye Dillinger. I would have had either of those in the Elimination Chamber over Kofi Kingston as the replacement for Mustafa Ali.

DEFELICE: Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins for all the reasons I listed above.

STAPLE: The easy answer is Seth Rollins or Asuka, but I’m actually gonna say Andrade. The dude has been killing it with Rey on SmackDown, and I think he was deserving to be Mustafa Ali’s replacement.

ABSLER: I think Seth Rollins is the biggest omission from the card. The Kingslayer is one half of the Wrestlemania main event and with no Brock Lesnar on TV, I’m surprised WWE didn’t have Rollins booked on the card.

HOLDEN: I’m barely following SmackDown these days, and I’m not sure I’m “missing” anyone from Raw… it that worse that not being able to name an omission?

7) “If you could add one more match to this card, what would it be?”

MANGO: R-Truth vs. Rusev vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, or Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio in some kind of gimmick. I’m tired of the United States Championship being forgotten about, and I think Mysterio/Andrade isn’t over yet.

DEFELICE: If I could add one more match to this card, it would be Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle. Okay, I know the comment section is going to crap all over me for being super fantasy booker here, but just hear me out. Kurt Angle is going through a depression. Why not give him one more in event match against arguably his greatest rival? This would also keep Brock Lesnar fresh and give Brock Lesnar a match with somebody who is arguably his greatest rival. No, it won’t be WrestleMania 19. But in an era where we just saw DX take on the Brothers of Destruction, I don’t think I’m crazy for thinking that these two great American athletes could do something fun for one month.

STAPLE: It’s kind of hard to say, because there’s not a lot of matches that I could think of that would make sense on the card. I suppose for the hell of it, maybe R-Truth defending against Shinsuke and Rusev in a triple threat.

ABSLER: If I could add one match it would be Rusev vs Nakamura vs R-Truth for the US Title. This triple threat match needs to happen in order to settle the hot potato passing of the US Championship over the last few months. I think these guys deserve to be on the card.

HOLDEN: A men’s tag team title chamber match. Maybe next year.

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