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Ex-WWE Superstars Are Allowed to Chase Greatness in AEW


Since All Elite Wrestling has turned the pro wrestling world upside down, the company is no stranger to having the odds against them. From every aspect comes a new way of thinking outside the box, free reign of creativity and just simply achieving untapped potential. It’s exciting and fun considering that before AEW it was seventeen years after Vince McMahon purchased WCW and assumed reign as top dog in professional wrestling.

In addition to wrestling stars that have earned their stripes in promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor to name a few, there are former WWE Superstars who are also a part of the AEW roster. Many of them have achieved moderate success during their time in the company and have been considered fan favorites in terms of their abilities and potential. In today’s world where fans know just about too much about backstage drama comes excitement but also criticism.

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Some think the former talent comes off as bitter if they take shots at the company. Guess what? It’s one of the top moments that fans crave. It is nothing new and has been done from the days of WCW to the beginnings of TNA. Fans cannot get enough of what been brought to the surface beyond the dirt sheets.

Consider when Chris Jericho recalls memories and facts on his Talk is Jericho podcast. Or when Jon Moxley laid out all his frustrations on the podcast talking about his time as Dean Ambrose in WWE. These two Superstars reached monumental success with WWE. These are guys who “had it all” on the surface. They wanted better and share the vision that more can be done in professional wrestling.

Perhaps the talent is a bit frustrated to say the least. Every wrestler who laces up a pair of boots have a top goal, and that is to the best. The culminating moments of winning Championships and creating moments that will last forever is an alluring driving force.

It’s no secret that backstage politics exist and is just as much of a factor in whether talents flourish or fade out. The money may be flowing in but if that person just isn’t happy with their position, then they shouldn’t be blamed for wanting better for themselves.

A good trait for a former WWE Superstar is the instant “brand recognition”. Hardcore and casual fans alike know what that person is capable of, what they have done. The talent’s experience is something that can be used to further build onto their portfolio.

Everyone has a story that helps build them into who they are. If they’re frustrated that they couldn’t reach their full potential, so be it. But fans know that most wrestlers let their work in the ring speak for themselves. There’s so much that the talent can do when it comes to creative direction.

The fact of the matter is that AEW gives those former talents a chance to shine and add to the company. FTR is a great example of how fans got to see their talent in NXT but was dwindled down once they made it onto WWE’s main roster. The famed “NXT curse” had the now known Dax Hardwood and Cash Wheeler expressing their frustrations on social media.

Another example is Brodie Lee, who is primarily features on the weekly Dynamite programming. As Luke Harper, the former Wyatt family member was underrated in terms of ringwork and character development. As the leader – the Exalted One – of the Dark Order, Lee is creating havoc in the TNT Championship picture all while trying to establish Dark Order as a legitimate threat.

Photo: AEW

It is always said if one door closes, another one opens. Diss statements just adds to the hype of the “brand recognition” and gives fans an insight to their struggle to achieve greatness in their careers. At the end of it all, fans will recognize what contributions that talent made to the company versus what he said about WWE. Let it go and let them do what they do best – create their legacy in the pro wrestling world.

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