Examining WWE’s Latest Round of Releases: Braun Strowman and More


I’d be shocked if he pops up in another company. Down the line, I expect he’ll “come back home” to WWE, instead.

Now What?

That’s a million dollar question with no answer other than “we sit back and see what happens next.”


I do expect more releases. Maybe it’s on the talent side. Perhaps it’s more internal stuff. For all we know, 205 Live and Main Event and NXT UK end up being gutted entirely and taken out of the mix with this Diamond Mine thing replacing at least one of them.

I know I’ll be on the lookout for more warning signs and questionable activities. If suddenly, WWE starts using corporate speak about mergers, for instance, it’ll fuel my theory about them selling. The more I hear about “budget cuts”, the more I’ll think they’re paranoid about a massive drop in revenue to come, especially if more people sell their stock.

For the talent, we’ll have to hope they can bounce back quickly and efficiently. I’m excited to see what they can do with the chains off and I wish them the best. For WWE, I guess we can just hope the healing process starts and this wound doesn’t get any bigger, or infected.

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